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Now Mickey Mouse is also traded

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In the past few hours a Green Passage in the name of Adolf Hitler And then it was Napoleon Bonaparte’s turn. Today it’s up to Mickey Mouse, a green pass that apparently passes validation apps without problems. However, what appears to be Galliard hides a disturbing situation, showing how Even the most secure system can be punctured.

The False Green Lanes Paradox

Green Pass, the mode is increasingly gruesome: now Mickey Mouse 1 mode is also spreading

the new green pass It appears to have been signed with the same key as the previous ones, indicating that it may have been stolen. According to experts, the integrity of the French and Polish set of keys will be questioned, but it is not clear whether the keys in question were stolen, copied or used for other purposes.

Only interested entities, which use the keys to issue normal green passes, can check if they are issued regularly: if not, the keys will have been stolen, and someone will use them to sign fake certificates related to characters from the past or fiction.

However, if certificates are issued regularly, it is also possible to trace the operator who carried out the operation. In recent months, several arrests have already been made in France for Abuse of the green lane generation system, which can also be created by doctors and pharmacists.

Surprisingly, however, is that if an attacker or a criminal organization manages to obtain the keys, He was barely using it for purposes that we can identify even in its cuteness. In fact, there are thousands of users, including Italians, who are afraid to get vaccinated, and they will be Willing to pay for a fake certificate But it is recognized as valid by control systems.

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Thus, there may be someone behind the operation who is opposed to the Green Corridor regime, and in doing so intends to undermine its credibility. If the keys are stolen, all signed certificates will be revoked and reissued, causing severe inconvenience to many thousands, if not millions, of people.

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