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Sos Video Game Museum: “A new space”

Sos Video Game Museum: “A new space”

It has gathered nearly 2,000 members, showing in Bologna the other side of the video game, one that has no side effects. It has gathered in 500 meters in Via Vitoria a beautiful community of people, of different generations, who have been able to see and touch the history of the electronic and electromechanical game with their own hands, paying special attention to the production of the Bologna companies. in the sector. Despite its success, the Museum of Video Game Art is in danger of being closed. The imminent judicial auction of the property undermines the existence of the cultural and aggregating space, and despite numerous appeals to the municipality, Nicolò Molas Marcelo, President of the Insert Coin APS association, who together with the Bologna Nerd and Spazio Tilt and managed everything with their own power, has not received a response . For the two museums (the Museum of the Pinball Machine and the Museum of the Video Game) and for the area dedicated to board games and role-playing games that have in fact become something else, compared to their pure identity, transforming themselves into a point of reference and hospitality also for the weak, the forced conclusion is approaching due to the bankruptcy of the ownership of the building that it currently and in Right now, there is no other space available on the horizon. Moreover, even if one were to buy the property, the starting price of €130,000 is quite high for a non-profit organization supported by membership and volunteering.

But what are the three associations that ask Mayor Mathieu Lepore? “The auction will take place in June 2023 and we have to leave – says Mulas Marcello – a situation that we have known for some time and that we have already been alerted to, contact the municipality for some time and receive an answer to the fact that they will be alive “. The possibility of raising money through crowdfunding or understanding whether members can help in some way, even through a loan, is being examined.

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