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Bitcoin Collapse | Explanation of the -10% crusher through this chart

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Many are looking for Esoteric interpretationspull the characters from Simpsonsthe extent of the bull run and other semi-magical factors to explain the incredible Foolish to Bitcoins And the entire cryptocurrency sector which returned to its levels within a few minutes pre-running to today. Trip we solved during the afternoon Indicate the defaults you made.

There is now a diagram, at least in our opinion, that clearly explains what happened and what the conditions were for both racing and braking. And you have to look in a direction U.S. dollarconcerns about the US banking system and also what is happening at the federal level with debt ceiling.

Rumors Opening To an increase in the same ceiling, index rebound DXY extensionwhich measures strength U.S. dollar Compared to other coins and descends to the castle, it is now easy to say in hindsight, who paper.

DXY up, Bitcoin down, albeit by 10

Bitcoins Historically it has a habit of moving by swiping in 10 What happens in markets that generally move in the opposite direction. This is what happened in the evening. The recovery of the dollar began after i minimum touched on 15.00 About Italian time, shorts billowing in and out, the wall collapsed, hardly withstood by the bulls.

DXY index on the dollar

Everything together delaywhich now in hindsight seems clear and clear as the light of the rising sun every morning, but it seems to have surprised many.

The graph we are reporting on, which is DXY extension Thus, the dollar strength indicator seems indicative enough. Of course, after that they also contributed Technical factors Our specialists will not fail to analyze it, but in the opinion of those who are writing to you now, the fulcrum of the situation is here.

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The dollar is not dead yet

far as the Voltage The markets make you think otherwise, in fact dollar It is as alive as ever, and as much as some countries are trying to do otherwise, it will still be center stage, both for pure financial markets and those for the things that matter, especially energy commodities.

It will still be a long way to go – even if all human things come to an end sooner or later.

He went down too

Today we also launched Parallel with Gold. Even in regression, the parallelism was unfortunately maintained. At the time of this writing, gold is being traded in -0.40% Compared to yesterday’s prices and at an important distance from the prices that touched the afternoon.

An important distance for gold – which is not a cryptocurrency – means1%. From here we’ll start again with Bitcoins Which at the time of writing lost all the gains of the day and are trading $27,800. No, not all is lost, just as all the world’s problems, including financial ones, were not solved a few hours ago.

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