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The ex-Prime Minister who was shot, “did not show signs of life” –

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From Laura Zangarini

Shinzo Abe was injured during an election speech in Nara: he was immediately taken to the hospital. The alleged bomber, Tetsuya Yamagami, a former soldier in the Japanese Navy, has been captured. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida: We pray for him

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
was a victim of attacks.

reached by gunshots During elective event In the Japan Central, it seems not to appear vital signsAccording to what was reported by Japanese media, citing sources in the local authority. Kyodo news agency and public television NHK reported that Abe appeared to be suffering from a heart attack when he was taken to hospital after initially appearing on alert.

The former prime minister was shot, according to TBS TV left side
from behind and around the neck of gunshots, at least twoshot in the back and close distanceThey fall to the ground, bleed and lose consciousness.

aggression which occurred around 11.30 (4.30 in Italy) in Nara citywhere Abby was working at elective event In support of a candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party. Public network NHK reported that Dad, 67 Done right away rescue He was taken to the hospital, but the firefighters explained to him Circumstances They appeared right away very serious.

Police said a 41-year-old man alleged bomberAt the site of the attack near Yamatosidagi Station in Nara City. to confirm his name – Tetsuya Yamagami – It was the local authorities. Local media reported that Yamagami was part of Japan’s Maritime Self-Defense until 2005. He apparently told the arresting police that he was unhappy with Abe and wanted to kill him. He was going to shoot with homemade weapon.

According to media reports, Yamagami Use some kind of short-barreled gun manuallyhidden in a bag. The attacker approached the former Prime Minister behindThe latter presented local candidates in the elections for the renewal of the Senate scheduled for Sunday, July 10.

L ‘Current Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, who belongs to the same party as Abe, flies by helicopter to Tokyo, like other ministers who were far from the capital. Once you landed, Kishida spoke to the press: Former Prime Minister Abe is in serious condition, I sincerely pray that he survives. We condemn an ​​episode in the absolute strictest way. We cannot accept that such an attack took place in the midst of an election campaign that is the basis of democracy

The aggression threw in dread Japanese Citizens and the Political Class: The country is known for its extremely strict gun control laws, and Victims of armed violence They are counted every year on the fingers of one hand. Get Firearms license proces long and complicatedeven for Japanese citizens, who must first obtain a recommendation from aArchery Association Then he is subjected to strict police checks.

there political violence Extremely rare. Among the precedents, we mention the murder of the mayor of Nagasaki, Icho Ito, in 2007, by a yakuza killer, and the murder of the leader of the Socialist Party, who was killed in 1960 by a right-wing young man who used a samurai weapon.

Abe was the prime minister of politics Longer life In Japan’s post-war history, he led several governments between 2006 and 2007, and again from 2012 to 2020, when he resigned Resignation For health reasons. Promoter of the country’s institutional normalization, the former prime minister fought to beat constitutional pacifismand reinforced with vigorously practical Strengthen of defensive capabilities that have been accelerated by the current executive branch. The name of the former Prime Minister is also associated with the so-called Abenomics: a set of expansionary economic policies And the From Reformation Taken to try to beat it deflationary stall of the third world economy and the resumption of its growth.

L ‘Ambassador To the United States in Japan Ram Emmanuel Denounce the attack. We are all out of the attack sad and shocked Fire on former Prime Minister Abe Shinzo. Abe-san was a Outstanding leader from Japan and loyal ally from the United States. In a statement, Emmanuel said the US government and people pray for the well-being of Absan, his family, and the Japanese people.

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