Home World “So Putin changed his mind at the last minute.”

“So Putin changed his mind at the last minute.”

“So Putin changed his mind at the last minute.”

Alexei Navalny It could have been killing On the eve of the prisoner exchange Which included him, therefore, shortly before his liberation.

His anti-corruption foundation supports this: “On the evening of February 15, I received confirmation of this The negotiations were in their final stage», said the director of the foundation, Maria Pevchikh video Loaded on Youtube It spread widely on social networks.

“We have an obligation to tell you the truth: for two years we have been trying to trade Alexei,” Pevchikh wrote on X, his former Twitter handle. Rebuilding his staff is just that The defector was killed to prevent the negotiations from reaching an end. On February 16, it was announced that Navalny had died in a Siberian penal colony.

Reconstruction: “This is how Putin changed his mind”

According to the organization, the exchange included the opponent and two “American citizens” imprisoned in Russia As a counterpart to Vadim KrasikovThe man who killed former Chechen separatist leader Selimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin in 2019 and who has remained in prison in Germany ever since.

This “profile” was suggested by Vladimir Putin himself during the interview with Tucker Carlson. But on that occasion, the Russian President quoted Krasikov in response to a question about Ivan GershkovichReporter Wall Street Journal Imprisoned on false espionage charges.

But Putin actually confirmed the existence of negotiations with the Americans. According to Pevchikh, It appears that the president changed his mind at the last minute. He would have ordered the dissident's killing. “Put it in He couldn't bear to know that he was free “Because she knew she could defeat him,” the director claims.


After eight days of blackmail, the Russian authorities relented on Saturday to return Navalny's body to his mother, Lyudmila, who did not give in to the warnings. opponent spokeswoman Kira Yarmysh wrote this morning on social media messageaccompanied by an email address and phone number with a Russian prefix (+7), at Find a place to hold a funeral“We are looking for a room to bid farewell to Alexei. When: End of this work week. If you have a suitable location, contact us.”

Yarmysh also confirmed that “the Telegram channels that publish information about Alexei’s funeral are fake.” They are not associated with the institution and the messages they contain should not be believed.” It is not certain whether the Kremlin will eventually allow the ceremony to take place, also because It can become an opportunity to express dissent publicly and numerically towards the system. Hundreds of people were arrested across the country simply for placing a flower as a silent tribute to the dissident who died in prison.


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