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“We have to win or we will all be judged” – Corriere.it

“We have to win or we will all be judged” – Corriere.it
From Marcus Emarezius

Pro-Kremlin newspapers and talk shows insist that a peace deal on Ukraine will bring the entire people before the International Criminal Court

But any peace but any one negotiation. We certainly have to care what they think there, in the West. And to people, including those in very high circles, who fear trial at the International Criminal Court in The Hague, I answer that defeat should be feared instead. If we limit ourselves to compromises, even the garbage man will end up on the sidewalk Sidewalk sweeper Within the Kremlin walls».

Strange, this new craze of Russian propaganda for the quiet Dutchman. a few days ago boss RT Margarita Simonyana media celebrity beloved by the Kremlin, has canceled this kind of calls in correspondence for all ordinary residents. Hypotheses of possible negotiations on Ukraine. He immediately replied to her Colleague and competitor Olga Skabievawho is less well known here but very popular at home, and is the most popular talk show host on the channel Russian 1. “If our country fails to win, Each of us Russians will risk ending up in The Hague. We will all be guilty. For this reason, hostilities must be increased as much as possible, forcing the West to ask us to sign an armistice or a peace agreement ».

These are just two examples, among the many who have heard and read these days. Fifth
History or dock for all. Without any substitution or nuance. The adverb cannot be accidental. Abbas Galliamov, the former’s speechwriter, is convinced of this Russian President Vladimir PutinAnd today its fierce critic. “The new key used by propaganda is evidence of the fact of this The Kremlin has sensed a change in the mood in society. Disillusionment with what is happening now makes the mere call for victory useless. Therefore, we resort to the desperate emotion typical of suicide bombers: united and isolated against the whole world ».

If this is the message, then there is no room for anything else. The negotiating hypothesis is very present in the analyzes of Western experts, It is likely just another illusion with little basisSuch as the expectations placed at the beginning of the struggle on mass demonstrations that never took place, or those repeated on internal divisions and conflicts in the Russian apparatus. In Moscow, those who talk about any negotiations understand it as a ploy to gain an advantage, both on and off the field. “We can talk and then move on.” Since being sacked by the Russian space agency Roscosmos, Dmitrij Rogozin, the former Russian representative to NATO, has become a radio interpreter for the Kremlin. Because today we have a problem An enemy imbued with hatred and armed with weapons This calls into question our existence. So it’s either us or them. The idea of ​​\u200b\u200bthe Russian-Ukrainian war also seemed crazy to me. But now there is no other choice but to go to the extreme.”

The most accurate version of this concept has been reported by a study by the ISW (Institute for the Study of War), the validity of which has been judged by independent websites such as BBC Russia And the Medusa. Russia is trying to capitalize on the West’s willingness to negotiate, creating a dynamic in which enemy mediators feel compelled to do so. Preemptive concessions to the Kremlin before sitting down at the table.

Even the political scientist Sergei Mikhailov, who necessarily resides in Paris, closed the door to Western hopes. Is there a stable peace scenario today? If we put aside Assuming an overwhelming military victory For either party the search ends soon. One has only to ask what is the main obstacle to ending the war, and who will lose the most at the end of hostilities. The answer is clear: Putin and his inner circle». And it does not matter whether the Levada Center think tank notes that the number of Russians in favor of opening negotiations is growing. The vast majority of people in the same poll say that it is up to the government to decide. So for Putin.

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