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The Edmonton Oilers lose 3-2 in Game 5 and face elimination on Saturday

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The Edmonton Oilers were pushed to the brink of elimination after a last-minute 3-2 loss in Vancouver in Game 5.

The Canucks were the better team the rest of the night, including on special teams as Vancouver overcame the much-vaunted Oilers Power Play on 5 chances.

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Edmonton had a narrow advantage going into the first period. But they were frankly smoked in the second, with Vancouver outscoring 17-4. In the third period, the game tied up a bit, but the Oilers looked tired.

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The winner came from a combination of a lucky bounce and a missed assignment with just 33 seconds left, spoiling a tremendous effort by Calvin Pickard.

Here’s the story of the tape…

Calvin Pickard

. 8. His first back-to-back start of the NHL season after a crucial effort in Game 4. Sutter tackled him, putting the Oilers on a man advantage early. Big right pad saves Hronek’s shot. The glove blocked a powerful shot, then the puck bounced off the crossbar seconds later. The score was 1-1 just outside the giveaway in front. He stared down a strong push from Vancouver in the second half and was nothing short of amazing. Early save from Hughes. Big blocker stop off Peterson. Miller then power-rolled it toward the net. He also dealt with powerful volleys from Myers, Di Giuseppe, and Lindholm, a big toe stop for Miller (again) and closed the frame with a shoulder block on Peterson. It was 2-2 on Bouchard’s turnover. The third period stopped on Miller again. He just finished skating in time to stop Garland from turning around. Victim of a bad bounce and a missed mission at 3-2. The Oilers are better tonight by a good margin.

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Connor McDavid

. 4. He hit the crossbar early in the Power Play and shot the ball in the same transition. He made a drive in the second period but he and his teammates again failed to convert, making PP 0-5 on 2. Spin-o-Rama attempt in the third round. He lost his leg due to a fortuitous rebound (in fairness) at 3-2. -2.

Ryan Nugent Hopkins

. 4. A glorious opportunity was missed straight from the slot early on. He sent a pass to Hyman, whose attempted pass rebounded into the net. Finally a steal on the PK.

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Zach Hyman

. 4. The whistle blew for a hold you could feel after three straight Oilers PPs. Dangerous wrist shot at the end of the first half. Not as effective as we are used to seeing. -2.

Evan Bouchard

. 4. He hit one shot on the second power play but it hit his leg in front. He carried the puck right in front of his net under pressure from two Canucks and turned it over to make the score 2-2. -2. He led the club at TOI at 25:44. High stakes 2-4, and o-fer on PP.

Matthias Ekholm

. 4. Temporary powerful one-time pumping of Draisaitl feed. Rare shot of the night in PP second period. High stakes 5v5 0-3. A last-minute line change may have been the reason for the 3-2 goal.

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Leon Draisaitl.

5. Extended his playoff points streak to 10 games with a stunning strike for Kane at 1-0. Eventually feeding Holloway for a chance. Good background check. He passed the pass to the revitalized Ekholm who fired a cannonball onto the net. Blocked shot early in the second. -2. Tough night with a draw (38%).

Dylan Holloway

. 6. Effective. And one of a handful of oil workers who looked like they had the energy. There was no assist, but entering the zone in a 1-0 sequence. End of the first period of background screening. Nice tip at Draisaitl Pass. Then an excellent blocked shot. The intervention call was drawn up. He managed a shot late in the second. Another shot block in the third.

Evander Kane.

6. Receives the pass from Draisaitl and whistles it from 5 holes to make it 1-0. Interruption of the second period. 2 shots and a hit.

Nurse Darnell

. 6. The Oilers are the best player on a tough night for their defenders. Quick return to deny Miller’s developing rush. Big shot blocked to open the third. He was unable to stop the cross at 3-2. But in his defence, the pass came over the wall and needed luck to bounce off the chance. High stakes 5-1 5v5.

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Vincent Desharnais

. 6. High-low pass for Draisaitl for the 1-0 goal. He shot the puck from the goal line with one hand and cleared it to safety. He lost his stick in a 1-1 goal and retrieved it instead of facing the shot. The flow of play favored 5v5, 19-10, 66% CF, and High Dangers 6-0.

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Ryan McLeod

. 5. Decent performance from him tonight. 5v5v CF from 17-10, 63%. Set Ryan up for a black chance late in the second.

Warren Voegele

. 5. He called for intervention in the second frame. Good interception on the PK. He made (to be fair) a very questionable charging call. He moved his feet well and enjoyed a positive result in terms of the flow of play.

Corey Perry.

3. He turns 39 today and it’s hard to say he hasn’t looked at it sometimes. His backhand attempt was intercepted and immediately turned the score into 1-1. He had a chance in the third but couldn’t cover it.

Brett Kulak

. 5. His team’s desperate play resulted in a 2-1 goal. A well-deserved assist on the play. He took a trip in the third period but perhaps saved a goal in the process, from the side of the net.

Hummus Cody

. 4. Blocked a shot in the third period. Crush on fire arrows. He and Kulak were challenged against the Canucks’ decimated check on this night.

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Derek Ryan

. 6. Effective selection of a 2-1 goal. Good play on his blue line on the PK. Excellent and clear objection to PK. Good setup can’t be drained from Mcleod late in the second. An important victory in the D-zone confrontation over PK in the third round.

Matthias Janmark

. 6. He shot home hard and sent a perfect pass from Brown into the net 2-1:27 after the Canucks scored at the 1. The third line was hardworking and tough on pucks.

Connor Brown

. 6. Early shot on net. He collected a loose ball from Kulak’s play and then sent a perfect pass to the powerful Janmark to make it 2-1. Part of the effective fourth line.

The loss drops Edmonton to 2-3 in the series. Game 6 returns to Edmonton on Saturday at 6 p.m. local time.

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