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15.00 biancocelesti on the field to return to excellence –

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The day of Pietra Ligure’s first real match point has finally arrived.

After Carquer’s 2-2 slip and Serra Ricco’s anomalous Cel Varazzi front, the Biancoceleste squad, who beat Ventimiglia, celebrated an immediate return to excellence after last year’s relegation.

A practically perfect course as Insolito and company aim for the final ice this afternoon, when the healthy Ventimiglia lands on “Devincenzi” and potentially still in a playoff run; One point may suffice (or even a loss) in the event of a draw or defeat by Serra Ricco, who will play at Borzuli.

Celle Varazze’s test for the Sampierdarenese is very fast towards the top four, while in the Savona region there was a red circle in the “Ponzo” match between Bragno and Legino, looking for those points useful for securing their stay in the category without going through play.

The latest calls for Baia Alassio, expected from the second leg with Cereali, and Golfo Dianiz, who got involved inside the friendly walls against Carcares, in the face of a rather precarious standings situation. A very accurate crossing of salvation also between Ospedaletti and Campese, to complete the Praese-Soccer Borghetto.

the program:

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