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Kiev urban war: ex-accountants bring Molotov cocktails, armed patrols against Russian saboteurs. ‘We must be ready’

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From negative resistance with active resistance. Ukrainian civil society organizes for aTerritorial self-defense which can last for a long time. On the one hand, there is the army, which is doing its job very well so far, despite the different forces in the field. On the other hand, there is a file popular movement It looks more and more like one war partywhich in days, weeks, perhaps months can quarrel with each other Neighborhood By neighborhood, Beth Beth. There are those who went, legitimately and understandably, to Western Regions or abroad who, on the other hand, do not want to leave their land in the hands of put it in. We organize local committees to be ready to confront them clash with the Russians. We try in every way to help our military but as citizens we also want to be independent and learn that defend ourselves Alone.” Speaking this way is not a reservist or volunteer who may have already fought in the past but Tania, sweet face, clear eyes, rare forty years old but she looks much less than that. Until a few weeks ago he dealt with him accounts And the balance sheetsGet ready today Molotov. “In the building where I live and in the surrounding areas we have created some of them groups Employment. There are men patrolling the houses and checking if there are identification marks on them buildings Or if it’s spinning around People suspicious“.

sneak e vandalsOn the streets of the capital, they can be everywhere. A few meters away from Squaremain square, one pocket With alleged Ukrainian soldiers stopped by the army yesterday. They were actually Russians in disguise with costume Kiev. They had a bad ending: patches of still visible this morning blood on the asphalt. Tania and her neighbors worked tirelessly: “We sleep a little here now. Last night and late we prepared Molotov cocktails manually. I also participated, I brought acetone And the fabric. Others came with gasoline. If we have to respond, we will. We are Ukrainians and we will defend our nation. as soon as ban I will go to donate blood and I will volunteer to prepare food in centers medical help Urgent“.

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to woman Who will defendUkraine To the end there are several. Helen Including. He lives outside the center, in the province, and even there, in its suburbs, the armed struggle has already begun. “I National I have no choice but to defend my country. At night we already started me periodicals. We created small groups, alternating regions and times. We are connected and we will not give up. there Civil Defense It’s key, we have to be prepared.” Oleksandr Instead, he already gained experience in Donbass. I volunteered in the southeast and fought against the separatists. Now I am back in Kiev and I will give all my wallpapers to my neighborhood and my neighbors. We will be united, our spirit is strong and the reaction will be proportionate to the abuse we have suffered.” The defense of the lands had already begun, and shortly before the curfew went into effect until Monday morning, a number of people were seen carrying their rifles along Main Street, KhreshchatykAnd roam the city fully armed. Until a week ago it was a luxury shopping street, oh gods Restaurants and night clubs. But soon it can become one trench. If there is a house-to-house war, the Ukrainians will be ready. Men of course, but also many women.

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