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“I wish I could live together”: an unforgettable movie

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I hope I’m ok It was a movie that will go down in the history of Italian cinema. Protagonists and enchanted spectators.

The film highlighted the entire complex historical moment in Naples in the early 1990s. A true cult of Italian cinema, which bears the name I wish to meet, was very loved by anyone who took part in that wonderful adventure. Even the viewers were delighted with this kind of tragic comedy that brought to light the very complex realities of that land.

Paolo Villaggio and Other Heroes I Wish I Could Manage (web source)

We all know the plot or almost. As for the latter, we say it is best to see it as soon as possible, in order to be able to experience a unique and incomparable emotion. The film is about a master from Milan, who moves to the city of Naples from which he lives every aspect and depth. From awkward situations to the most romantic, you can see the teacher’s behavior changing from day to day.

The children who played the role of disciples were a miracle in the eyes of everyone who saw them. Good at every little scenario and an excellent transmitter of the basic mindset of the city they were born in. An attempt was made to overcome the socio-economic problems experienced in the first person with a big smile and a beautiful desire to live, which this culture can above all export.

The heroes of a novel I hope to coexist tell their feelings

The film’s scenes are taken from the book of the same name written by lead writer Marcello Durta. The latter published sixty topics written by his students and his book became a bestseller. The famous Lina Wertmuller managed to sum it up in a very successful movie. Similarly, he decided to transfer the shooting to Taranto, given that for his shooting in Naples protection 10% of the budget was required.

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Luigi Astorina today
Luigi L’Astorina before and after (web source)

Among the children that the teacher taught were young actors who won the hearts of those who watched the film. Among the heroes was Vincenzino, played by Adriano Pantaleo. It was he who began with the famous words “snot chi tee moort”.

The latter is still today He is an actor, but he is not the same fate as others. To follow in his footsteps, there is also Ciro Espositowho played a wild boy named Raphael.

Luigi Lasturina, Instead, who played Totò, having played the role of the actor for my friend and the team, He decided to dedicate himself to music as a DJ. Mario Bianco, Nicola in the movie, opened a bakery A night in Turin.

Bianchi today
Mario Bianco before and after (web source)

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