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Inclusive Civil Service, 75 Spaces Available for the Spazio Cultura Association – Woodpecker News

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It will be possible, until 14:00 on February 10, to apply for Comprehensive civil service 2023/2024. inCultural Space Association (Working in the culture and tourism sectors, accredited in the National Register of Civil Service) 75 volunteers are included in the various bodies accredited by the Recanati Association In different places in the Marche region, from Gradara to Viseu.

In Recanati municipality there are 12 places available: Tourist information office 1, Circuit Museums Infinito Recanati 1, Musicultura 2, Campus Infinito 1, Casa Leopardi 5 and at the Spazio Cultura headquarters there are two places available. The civil service projects “Cultural Synergy” and “Musical Synergy” of the Spazio Cultura Association are included in the intervention program Mar23: Active and Flexible Marches, which is promoted by the Grimani Buttari Authority and has a duration of 12 months.

Moreover, they, Reserved for boys and girls between the ages of 18 and 28 with a monthly payment of €444.30. the The period of civil service is recognized as work platformsFurthermore, for the purpose of obtaining qualifications, universities may recognize, within the limits provided by the current legislation, training credits in favor of voluntary operators who have carried out comprehensive civil service activities relevant to professional growth and to curricula of studies.

The period of universal civil service actually stipulated, except for the provisions of Paragraph 5, is They are evaluated in public competitions by the same methods and with the same value of service rendered in public administrations. The early termination of the comprehensive civil service relationship entails the forfeiture of the benefits stipulated in this article, except for the hypothesis where the aforementioned termination occurs for documented health reasons, due to service or force majeure and the service period provided is equal to at least six months.

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In the project of the Spazio Cultura Association ‘Sinergie Culturali’, in addition to the 12 places available in the Recanati, there are 7 places in the municipality of Porto Recanati; 8 places in the municipality of Potenza Picena; 2 in Macerata; 1 in Viso; 1 in Bevitorina and 15 in Ancona in the offices of Amat (2), Sineglossa (3), Consorzio Marche Spettacolo (4) and 6 places in the Omero Tactile Museum.

The application can be submitted using your Spid by accessing the Italian government website (click here). For information, you can call the following phone number from 9:30 to 12:30: 071/2411273 or 329/2297331 (morning and afternoon).

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