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The car tax, for you (maybe) is free from today: just submit this application

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Insurance, petrol, maintenance, miscellaneous and any. There are many expenses incurred by the car in order to move around freely. One of the least common taxes is the auto tax, which is an annual expense that, although not excessive, is added to the budget needed to trade freely. Fortunately, there are instances in which an exemption from these expenses can be requested.

The fact that the car carries with it many expenses for handling is well known to most people. However, it is good to know the law to avoid overpaying. Some expenses, including the stamp duty, are not owed to everyone. There are cases where it is not actually necessary to pay it.

The car tax is paid annually to the cash desks in the area of ​​residence of the car holder. Its price varies depending on the type of car and also according to the region itself. Being a territorial tax, these entities have different possibilities to decide on modalities and exemptions.

Some regions, for example Lombardy, provided special exemptions. Area residents who own an electric car are actually exempt from paying. Piedmont also offers similar exemptions for hybrid cars: These vehicles will not have to pay tax for the first five years of ownership.

On the other hand, there are exceptions independent of the origin of the driver of the vehicle. These exemptions do not depend on the characteristics of the car and are not regional, but national. In fact, it is about the characteristics of the car owner.

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Who can apply for an exemption?

All beneficiaries of Law 104 are permanently exempt from paying stamp duty. Those people, who own a gasoline car with a maximum displacement of up to 2.0 liters, or a diesel car with a displacement of up to 2.8 cc, They can send an exemption request directly to their local tax office within 90 days of the stamp payment deadline.

To take advantage of the 104, the citizen must be: deaf or blind, with a relative certificate issued by the responsible medical committees; has multiple amputations or has severe walking difficulties; Suffers from mental or psychological disorders severe enough to require accompaniment. Obviously, these are cases that must be confirmed by a special commission.

Before paying the stamp duty, it is best to find out what exemptions you are entitled to. Whether we’re talking about waivers due to car characteristics or waivers due to the nature of the car, these are major savings, considering the car tax is annual.

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