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The tallest montage in Niagara Falls

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There are amazing waterfalls in Canada, very high and submerged in a fairytale landscape. No, this is not the world famous Niagara Falls. Talking about Montmorency Falls.

Located a few kilometers away from the center Ville de Quebec, They stand alone at a height of 85 meters and come close to the sky. And they are a marvel.

Less popular but about 30 meters taller than Niagara, they offer an equivalent view. This flash of nature will only give you the sound of water gushing down with power. No noise in the background, no quiet cities.

A rainbow colors MontMorency Falls

Please visit Montmorency Falls

To see the stunning Mount Moranci Falls, Canada up close, you have to take one Ground bridge and a cableway. This area is located near the city of Quebec, so by staying in the surrounding area, you can also reach them by bicycle. Apparently, there is no shortage of connections with public transport from the city.

Further, Ville de Quebec This is a pleasant city to stay. The pebble alleys with cafes and shops appear straight from the storybook, fully embracing the French-speaking sense of Canada.

The path of the waterfall

The clear water of Montmorency Falls rises between the suburbs Beauport And municipal agency Poisscattle. In this landscape they meet the Montmorency River, which flows into San Lorenzo. The confluence of the forces of nature creates a show more valuable than anything.

The uniqueness of these waterfalls is the erosion of the San Lorenzo River and the compatibility of the land with 85 meters of natural overlay. You have to imagine that the front is almost 46 meters wide, only in this way can you understand the majesty and strength of these jets.

montmorency falls

The majesty of these waterfalls is 85 meters high

Floating sidewalk

In the summer, a new tourist attraction is expected to open that will make the falls even more attractive. In fact, a 180 meter floating walkway. Built of steel and concrete, it opens at the base of the waterfall, making the experience of nature even more appealing.

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Although the gangway is half submerged, it is designed to withstand the pressure of the flow and to adapt to the basin water level. There are many ways to access the sidewalk, to visit and read the route well. Of course, you need to sprinkle some water to make a breathtaking view and the adventure more fun.

When to plan your trip?

The best time of the year to enjoy these waterfalls Summer months, So by the end of May and August. The climate of the region allows us to quietly explore the city and the landscape, even in the intervening seasons.

On good days can make a tasty arrangement Travel Completely immersed in nature without seeing the waterfalls, you may have enjoyed some local food. MontMorency Falls Park is ideal for outdoor walking and relaxing moments. Also, this is a great place for lovers Trekking and excursions, But Photography.

Are you already checking in for flights to Canada? Traveling through the beauty of nature is always a good idea.

montmorency fall Canada

Breathtaking panorama of MontMorency Falls


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