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Shipping costs increase 161% in one year

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Electric mobility in danger – According to the authors of the study, rising energy costs present a potential risk to electric mobility. “to me Due to increases in energy prices, today, in some cases, refueling an electric vehicle is more expensive than conventional vehicles. And if, instead of recharging from the home socket, you want to tie yourself to a pole on the street, then the prices get higher.. Twelve months ago, in all the simulations that were made, the electric car was much cheaper from a cost point of view. Less expensive fuel, depending on model, 50%-70% off versions Gasoline and diesel “explained the experts.

values ​​used – To conduct the survey, the consumption of some electric models was examined by comparing them to vehicles of the same type running on gasoline or diesel, the consumption declared by the vehicle manufacturers (based on the WLTP mixed cycle) and energy and fuel prices. For electricity, the cost of recharging has been considered at homeUsing protected market prices in October 2021 and October 2022 as the reference value, while average price values ​​for gasoline and diesel were used. The column was discovered in September 2021 and in the last week of September 2022.

Subpart B – The first analysis concerns a B-class subcompact with 100-136 hp. In the diesel version, the car has an autonomy of 24.4 km / l, on gasoline – 19.6 km / l, while the electric car travels 6.3 km / kWh. Looking at a 1,000-kilometre journey, has calculated the cost of 71 euros with diesel, 83 euros with petrol and 85 euros with electric. Just a year ago, we would have spent 33 euros just to recharge the car at home.

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C-class sedan Converting to a 130-150 hp C-Class Sedandisplacement 130-150 hp, in Diesel (22.5 km/l), petrol (18.7 km/l) and electric (6.6 km/kWh) versions. again the car The one that costs less in fuel is diesel; For 1000 km, the driver spends 77 euros, while With an electric car you need 80 euros. Less efficient in this case is the gasoline model that requires good 88 euros.

D-Class sedan The third simulation is the only one in which the electrical model is still the most suitable. A sedan, Part D, was considered for simulation. Displacement 249-286 hp, in versions with gasoline Mild-Hybrid (13.2 km / l), light-hybrid diesel (16.1 km / l) and Electricity (5.4 km/kWh). Also taking into account here is a mileage of 1000 km, in this case the electric car It turned out to be the cheapest: only 99 euros of electricity is needed, while for diesel 108 euros of fuel is required and 124 euros of gasoline.

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* For the energy price per kWh, only the variable components were used in the electricity bill (hence the energy price, transmission price and PPE) in effect in the protected market in October 2021 (€0.205/kWh) and October 2022 (€0.535/kWh) ; For petrol and diesel prices, on the other hand, average prices in the September 2021 column (petrol €1,731 / liter, diesel € 1,590 / liter) and in the last week of September 2022 (petrol € 1,633 / liter, diesel € 1,738 / Liter).

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