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HCMV Varese Hockey, a chance to retrieve the Mastiff

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After the bitter defeat in his first home match against Dobbiaco, a chance ransom for Varesein front of his audience, he presents himself tomorrow, at 18:30 p.m Mastiff They will go down on the ice to face Valdivimiin a match that has been suggested as one of the most interesting in the entire tournament.

The challenges against Trentino Gialonieri have always been exciting, uncertain and full of ideas: it’s hard to remember the bad matches between these two teams, regardless of the final score and the champions on the track.

Should Varese win, he will have the opportunity to climb the rankings by overtaking Cavalese’s rival, returning from a victory and two defeats in overtime. The progress made a week ago against the Allegy must be confirmed tomorrow, also taking into account the entire available week to recover strength and energy, in light of Triple Challenge Which, in 8 days, will put Mastini in front of Valdifiemme, Valpellice and Como (double trip with midweek shift on Thursday).

there Training in the Trentino region He frequently renewed his roster, partly out of will and partly to compensate for the departure of many players, some of whom decided to stop playing hockey. The fixed point is definitely a good coach who is able to combine experienced players with young players who immediately found space and confidence, minute by minute.

The Ahlstrom brothers certainly represent the added value of this team, along with the very sure Eastman, a points machine that has proven over the past season to be strong, consistent and with a strong penchant for goal despite not being part of the more advanced line-ups.

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In these first matches of the new season, Valdifiemme showed that they had the best “special teams”, both in numerical superiority and with one player less. The offensive career of Ahlstroem, Chelodi, Eastman, during powerplay, is a guarantee, as well as the protection of the cage defended by the excellent Steiner, who arrived from Unterland in the summer. Only the South Tyrol team, which this year climbed into the category after winning the last championship, represents an important basin in which Valdivemi will be able to hunt players to be included, thanks to a farm team agreement between the companies.

Conditions for attending a level match They are there and Varese will have to be a part of it with focus and discipline, reflecting the tendency towards spending a lot of penalties, especially in the crucial moments of the match.

On the occasion of tomorrow night’s match, the club will give a chance to one lucky person from the crowd to win the official team jersey: any participation in the initiative will be simple and well explained at the entrance and can take place in the corner of Mastini forever inside the plant.

Further, the company states that all those who still have to collect their subscription can do so by going to the designated cash desk, and showing the paper subscription receipt. On the other hand, those who signed up for a season ticket these days still have to bring the receipt in order to get into the stands, as the ticket will be available from the next home game.

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The match will be broadcast live on Radio Village Network starting at 18.30, along with other challenges in the evening.

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