February 1, 2023

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Batman, on the Riddler website, a new countdown has begun: what does that mean?

While viewers can finally enjoy Batman In the cinema, the mysterious countdown has begun on the Riddler website … what will it be?

If you have followed the promotional campaign associated with the movie Matt Reeves, you may already be aware that there is a file A site entirely dedicated to the Riddler and his riddles, www.rataalada.comwhere you can go, trying to solve different puzzles, getting prizes of various kinds (from Batman sketches to the Gotham police, a video about Thomas Wayne, a code for solving encrypted messages …).

And even though the movie has already made its theatrical debut (and what a debut, given that Batman is second only to Spider-Man: No Way Home In terms of groups in times of a pandemic), it seems that there is still something to see, at least according to what to expect Countdown appeared on the site in recent days (and is currently at 16%).

If we click on the message [CLICK FOR REWARD] In this case we are actually given an encrypted message whose meaning we still don’t know, but the URL of the page probably gives us a clue, because it reads “not finished yet“.

Official announcement coming for The sequel to Batman? Or maybe something to do with a certain character that has appeared in the past few scenes?

What do you think that? Let us know you in the comments.

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