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This lake is disappearing, a cause for concern for science

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A scenic wonder is fading away: these are the reasons scientists and scholars worry. Here is the lake it is on.

Urmia Lake –

The gorgeous pink lake evaporates and worries researchers: the scarcity of water resources has rattled public opinion, which has taken the floor to take certain action. The shortage of electricity and water resources contributes toincreased poverty And it made life really difficult. Here is where the disappearing lake is and what are the reasons.

The disappearance of the pink lake: where is it?

the A beautiful and stunning pink colored lake Evaporates: All the fault of drought and the climate crisis. We are in Iran and the country is experiencing one of the worst water and climate crises of all time. Iran has been living in bad conditions for some time now severe dehydrationPrecipitation is almost non-existent, and the water and energy resources sufficient to meet the needs of the Iranian population are completely insufficient. Rose water Urmia salt lake It evaporates.

Urmia Lake Iran –

The lake is very saline and is a few tens of meters deep even in high water. The coast appears as a white fringe of salt. The lake is one of the largest lakes in the Middle East. The lake and its wetlands have been advertised UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

The lake has undergone Extensive evaporation of water It now owns only 5 percent of its size. The significant decrease in the water level is associated with a long-term decrease in precipitation and the extraction of water for agriculture.

the Lake Urmia It is surrounded by rugged red mountains. Urmia is also the name of a nearby city in western Azerbaijan. The approximately six million people living in the Urmia Basin have deep social and economic ties to this body of water, whose waters evaporate. The Turkish-Azerbaijani people who live around the lake keep it as a symbol of their identity and call it “Turquoise solitaire from Azerbaijan“.

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The pink lake is disappearing – the Turkish-Azerbaijani population is outraged

Once a thriving tourist destination, Lake Urmia has provided countless people with livelihood. When the lake was still one A popular tourist destinationBathers plunge into the salt water and smear the legendary black mud on their bodies. When the waters of Lake Urmia began to dry up, local tourism and agriculture began to suffer. The coastal city is now a sparsely populated village inhabited only by elderly people.

At its peak, this pink lake was the largest natural habitat in the worldbrine shrimp, Small, saltwater crustaceans belonging to the genus Antarctica artemia. Moreover, Lake Urmia is an essential stopping point for migratory birds like flamingos and pelicans. one remains UNESCO Biosphere Reservebut the lake has lost about 88% of its surface area over the past three decades.

Urmia Lake
Pink Lake Iran –

Lake Urmia: Why does the water evaporate?

A recent study concluded that higher temperatures and Climate change They helped drain the lake, along with a boom in agriculture in the area. The Iranian government has established a national committee to protect and restore the lake’s salt water and aims to invest $5 billion over 10 years.

Over the past two years, above-average rainfall has helped reverse the trend. Scientists say it could take decades for the lake to return to its former glory, but the improvements give hope to the residents who live around the lake.

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