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HCMV Varese Hockey, Game 3 belongs to Mastiffs. Now the victory goal to close the series

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L’HCMV Varese Hockey Take advantage of the domain factor to win 5 to 2 for two towerswhich returns a string The semi-finalists advanced 2 to 1.

Home training got off to a great start Bergen is so crushing in his defensive third that the visitors’ first real shot is a one-shot winner by Sanvido who beats Perla from a central position at mid-range. The mastiff reacts instantly and Piccinelli’s blow to the goal is corrected by Piroso: 1 to 1.

There’s still plenty of Varese left on this first break, with Rigoni making a superb save on an incursion by Vanetti and Raimondi sending high from an attractive position. Soon after Franchini realized the advantage with a low-volume shot that hit the inside post before ending up in the net.

the the other half Obscured and tactically complex, but the scenario sees the yellow and black colors always projected forward in search of the third goal that only reaches the final thanks to a written work of excellence organized by M. realizes the goal. The joy lasts a bit after 40 inches, as Foltyn beat Perla with surgical precision, capping off a well-organized counter-attack from Lynche.

In the Third in a row The game is decided and the whole team tries to keep Bergen on defensive alert until M. Borghi “breaks” the game with a finale that surprises Rigoni: the rink explodes on this goal, which is seen as a real liberation after the boys are pushed. Forcefully, he knocks on the opponent’s door several times. Bergin tried to raise his head but Birla was so ready with a great save that dampened any Trentino attempt to react. The reversal in the foreground shows the yellow-and-black counter-attack brilliantly achieved in the net by M.Mazzacane. Now the chain is 2 to 1 for Varese.

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tomorrow night will be played Race 4 again in two towers With a good number of Varese fans.

for Varese the goal I will go to Wins To permanently close the file and dismiss the IHL Finals ticket, but the red and white composition is very tricky and proves it at every opportunity. The joy of last night’s thrilling victory must be put aside immediately and the Mastiff will have to Chasing Ghosts 2 Return tomorrow evening to the crime scene.

Taking advantage of the enthusiasm and great reaction shown by the yellow and black team in their last home game is perhaps the best encouragement to aspire to success, provided there is ‘the right tension’ until the final siren. The discipline shown in Game 3 by the yellow and black must certainly be taken into account for tomorrow’s game: Bergin himself attests to this, who was “convicted” of several inappropriate penalties taken for superficial actions and little in keeping with the stalemate in the match. But Varese’s test in Race 2 also testifies to this.

Tomorrow evening, on paper at least, it will be the hosts who will have to take more risks to spare no effort, given that for Linke it will be the last resort to hope to eventually play the fifth in Varese. The Mastiff will instead have the possibility of the so-called You must use the match point to your advantage Relying not only on the skills of their own team, but also on the large number of yellow and black fans who decided to have a different Saturday evening to follow the boys on the ice.

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The game will be broadcast live on the Radio Village Network starting at 8 p.m. on IHL Hockey Show.

LINEUPS (from Race 3)

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY: 2 Perla (90 Mordente), 3 Schina, 7 Desutiles, 22 E Mazaccan, 33 Garber, 37 Belloni, 71 Piccinelli, 9 Droll, 12 Franchini, 13 Cordiano, 15 Tellaro, 16 Vanetti, 19 Alifato, 23 M Borghi, 27 M Mazzacane, 32 P. Borghi, 55 Piroso, 88 Privitera, 91 Raimondi, 97 Odoni. Coach: Claude Davies.

Bergen Sabines: 1 Rigoni (29 Zanella), 2 Becker, 7 Reffo, 11 Ghizzo, 24 Al. Ambrosi, 28 Franza, 96 Gamper, 6 Bitetto, 8 Meneghini, 18 Andreotti, 22 Valorz, 55 Flessati, 71 Mocellin, 77 Foltin, 81 Marano, 88 Sanvido, 91 Viliotti. Coach: Andrea Ambrosi.

HCMV VARESE HOCKEY – Bergen Sabines 5-2 (2:1 1:1 2:0)


7’52” (PS) Sanvido, 8’23” (HCMV) Piroso (Piccinelli), 16’18” (HCMV) Franchini (Drolet), 36’18” (HCMV) Vanetti (Drolet, M. Borghi) PP1, 36’55” (PS) Foltin (Sanvido, Meneghini), 47’39” (HCMV) M. Borghi (Drolet) PP1, 52’58” (HCMV) M. Mazzacane (Franchini)

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