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WhatsApp: EASY Message Recovery | It is fast and light

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The battle between Telegram, Messenger, Signal and the DMs of instagram and Whatsapp is a well-known battle, but if all of them in their own way allow recovering deleted messages, there is one that complicates things a bit, even today.

Let’s talk about WhatsappGreen Meta app (formerly Facebook).
Maybe you’ve been talking to him or her and accidentally deleted a message, not one of those written after the New Year’s hangover but something as important as your car’s position in the giant hotel parking lot. condemnation There is now a solution that specifically affects Apple users who use iPhones, But also those with an Android device or chatting… via Windows!

Message retrieval: the old way

Until today, the only way around was to exploit the partnership between Google and Meta using Google Drive BackupIn fact, by setting from the Chat Backup menu, you can access your Google account and set up a backup. It’s very easy to do:

  • Open you The WhatsApp go to > “More optionsSettings > Chats > Backup
  • Choose a Drive account (one with plenty of space if possible)
  • press writeBackups

Then later to get the messages back:

  • Verify that you are using an app with a verified number
  • Come upstairs More options > Settings > Chats > Backup
  • Link your account
  • click “Reset
  • Then “Come
  • Wait for the (long) process media files recovery (photos, audio, video, gifs and stickers)
  • Finished!

With this method, you can create manual tactical backups and later restore messages (the reasons for doing this are very diverse, but we can already imagine some of the harm that you can think of).

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The new way | Less complicated and works even on iPhone

If you’re on Android, restoring a backup will be child’s play, but there are serendipitous cases where google drive It can take a long time Or you have an iPhone, in which case the only way we know that can help you is to use a very powerful app called “UltData WhatsApp Recovery”.

But do not rush to install it, first we will explain how it works and finally you can download it from the link that we will give you.

How UltData WhatsApp Recovery works

ultdata recovery screenshot

Unlike Drive backup, this one isn’t downloaded daily, but you’ll have all your conversations in the app and they’ll be encrypted (so you’ll be safe from the bad guys).

But then, how does it work?

After downloading the app, follow these simple steps:

  • Connect with Kabul your android or iphone device to your PC/Mac
  • Select what you want to recover from the dropdown list (such as photos, chats, videos, documents, etc.)
  • After selecting one or all items, clickto survey
  • A small window will appear withSuccessfully recovered! Click Yes.
  • Make sure everything is there

It didn’t take long and you would have recovered all your most important files or conversations that you cherished so much, especially the ones that seem like [MESSAGGIO ELIMINATO] Which, let’s face it, is pretty obnoxious.

It won’t take more than ten minutes and you’ll have a clean and quick job done.

to download it We leave you the download links And don’t pay attention to the reviews, they were read by people who didn’t understand that they had to connect the smartphone to the computer, if you follow our guide you won’t have any problems.

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You can download it here for Iphone or here for android.

The app is paid, but you can use the trial version Retrieving messages, even multiple times with different trial activations; But stay put, let’s pretend we didn’t tell you.

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