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Inline Hockey, Super Cup – Amazing, the Devils beat the Devils again (6-4)

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Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza failed again to win the Super Cup, at the end of an excellent race, a great first half, a little bad luck, a lot of mistakes and a little, of course, the skill of opponents who contained the result in Vicenza’s best moments, led to the loss of the first challenge Great for the season with opponents of all time. Very sorry for the match that put in a great show, especially in the first half, between two excellent teams, where Red and White, who showed great talent, determination and great desire to win, lacked a bit of clarity and testing in managing highlights and also the pressure of an important challenge.

Super Cup first half: Milan-Venza, 2-2
At the start of the race, the penalty kick for many men on the track, especially in the second half Sigmund was sent off, were the defining moments. In the first half, which was followed by the hosts’ goal in supremacy, the Devils managed to recover well, while in the second half, in which they played for several minutes below par (six minutes from the penalty kick to the American, in addition). To the red card and also the two minutes in Vendrame) he has not managed to contain Milan, and he is certainly strong and good at exploiting the favorable moments. Honoring the hosts who put together a great team again this year and managed to fend off the Reds and the Whites, a great performance by May, but honoring the Devils who tried to the end, they showed that they have all the qualities to reach in stature and are second to none.

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The first half deserved the final, playing with great rhythm, pressing more than Vicenza who had a few chances, but found a great May on his way, and with Milan always dangerous and ready to hurt at every touchdown towards the devils net. Initially, there were some flaws in Vicentine’s defense who, for too many men on the track, kicked the unforgiving penalty kick during which Banchero and two and a half minutes later the hosts took the lead. Vicenza reacts immediately, Vendrame deduces, but fails to save, thus becoming a good keeper of the house again on Dal Sasso. Milan answers with Villa and Barsanti, but Frego is ready. Some difficulties for players slipping on the front line, but this does not stop the two teams’ incursions: on the one hand Viala and on the other hand Sigmund towards Vendrame who slips from his former goalkeeper to equalize his team. Pace then responds to May, who is still good at dodge and then plays great by Sigmund who wins against the Devils with a penalty in front of the Devils who hit the post first with Vendrame and then scores with Hodge, the other former, for 2-1 from Vicenza. Pace raises a panic, but fails to conclude, while Lorenzo Campola is so good at closing in on Viala who set off on a counterattack, having saved Milan from Vicentini. Vicenza is still with a large number of Vendrame, but Mai shuts down and then Frigo intervenes in Banchero. Vicenza insists, but finds Mai again, and the whistle penalty against Delfino is Milan who take advantage of it and score 2-2 with Viala. In the last minute, he saved Villa Frigo and Vicenza had a great chance as Delfino hit the post and the time ends 2-2.

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Second Half Cup: Milan Vicenza, 4-2
After the break, the music does not change, there is a fight, there are chances on both sides and Barsante saves a mistake from his defence. At the penalty kick in Milan, May has to save twice and then at Hodge he can do nothing with the American, formerly Milan, who scored a double. A minute passes and Spimpolo, with the help of people from Vicenza and an unfortunate deviation from Campulla, scores 3-3. Vicenza insists, she immediately reacts and takes the lead with Dal Sasso. Then the whistle of a penalty kick to Sigmund and a few seconds later also to Vendrami, and to Bellini from Milan, and here is a moment of confusion and protests, also thanks to the referees, with the American entering the ring to ask for explanations. He causes the guide man to be expelled from the Vicentines. A series of penalties (for Sigmund, plus expulsion and 2 minutes for Vendrame) leave Vicenza players first two against three and then for long minutes in three against four. Milan benefited from this: they tied with Bernard and advanced, thanks to Viala’s closing, veering off Hodge in favor of the hosts 5-4. Vicenza never gives up but is always very careful and never safe. Vendrame from the outside, but Mae pincers who are not surprised. Lorenzo Campola also tries, but nothing does. Generously, but inconspicuous, due to a bit of fatigue, Vicenza tries the last attack by removing the goalkeeper as well, but a few seconds after the end Captain Panchero concludes with an empty goal and sets the seal, with the sixth goal, for Milan’s victory.

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Too bad because in the beautiful first half, he saved the second half, which was ruined by the penalty shootout that allowed the strong Milan to recover and advance. The race, however, is not over yet, as Vicenza has filed an appeal.

TABLE – Milano House @ Quanta – Mc Control Diavoli Vicenza, 6-4 (2-2)
Milano House @ Quanta: Mai, Pignatti, Thomas, Pagani, Ferrari, Bernad, Barsanti, Ederle, Bellini, Brianzoni, Spimpolo, Lettera, Fiala, Sica, Banchero.
Herds of Tomasello J.
Mac Contro Diavoli Vicenza: Frigo M, Orlando, Pace, Delfino, Dal Sasso, Frigo N, Vendrami, Hodge, Campola L, Centofanti, Del Omo, Campola F, Sigmund, Cantell, Chiamente, Trevisan.
Attending the session a.
Referees: Slaviero and Zubilito
Grids: PT: 2.27 Banchero (M) pp, 7.00 Vendrame (V), 12.49 Hodge (V) pp, 18.25 Fiala (M) pp; – ST: 23.10 Hodge (V) pp, 24.04 Spimpolo (M), 24.41 Dal Sasso (V), 27.16 Bernad (M) pp, 31.06 Fiala (M) pp, 39.36 Banchero (M).

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