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Image, text and material leaked online, right after Silent Hill –

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Ironically, or perhaps a well-planned maneuver as well abandoned Subject to the gods Leaking A short distance from those related to the silent HillIt’s like strengthening the strange bond that seems to bind the two games, at least according to the most persuasive proponent of conspiracy theories between the titles: in this case it’s an image, a piece of text, and other material.

The Abandoned is still a mysterious being for sure, and even the new items leaked online don’t help at all to have an accurate idea of ​​what it could be. To report the discovery of this material, which you can find at this is the address On Reddit, he’s a regular Nick “Shuchal Nick” Baker, a particularly active insider recently and a contributor to the XboxEra podcast among others.

the only one picture Concerns emerged about a simple brick wall, which appears to be a screenshot of the game at a specific stage inside, which is very similar to some of the ambiance of the Blair Watch Project in this case. The Part of the script Might be more interesting: Valbrando is from a file movie script A portion of the dialogue between two characters shows references to the blue box, which in the story appears to be a top-secret science project for a “real experiment” through the use of a specific chip called Zero Cell.

This points to a strange sci-fi story behind perhaps Abandoned, if all true, but the presence of various elements that seem self-referential to the team and game makes the whole thing especially strange. Finally, there is a summary video Which seems to be taken from a Motion capture sessionregarding the processing of 3D images in a fixed initial form.

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All of this should be taken with a pinch of salt, of course, but it is strange that these things specifically appear in correspondence with the various leaks on Silent Hill, given theories regarding the two games involved.

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