February 9, 2023

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RTX 4070 Ti, MSI Recommends It Instead of RTX 4080 in Controversy with NVIDIA – Nerd4.life

MS extension He made a post on social media suggesting that users should buy one RTX 4070 Ti instead of one RTX 4080Open Controversy with NVIDIA Due to the company’s current pricing policies on the 4000 Series GPUs.

You will no doubt mention that the prices of the RTX 4090 and 4080 in Europe compared to the 30-series have gone up a lot more than in the US, but in general the new generation of video cards has increased The costs way too high So it is no coincidence that the GPU market has collapsed.

“Like a mighty monolith, the NVIDIA RTX 4070 Ti is currently being promoted in the MSI Store!” Read the manufacturer’s leaflet. “Experience the power of Ada Lovelace’s architecture at a price that’s ‘not as evil as a 4080’!”

Feedback on MSI’s message was largely positive, as users recognized the sincerity of the opinions expressed by the manufacturer. At the same time, many have repeated that at current prices only a small percentage of gamers will be able to purchase a new GPU.

Who knows, maybe something will change with the talks of the RTX 4070 and RTX 4060 Ti, which could go into production soon.

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