November 30, 2023

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The price of this cool villa in Canada is only 25,000 euros, no disappointment

The price of this cool villa in Canada is only 25,000 euros, no disappointment

In Canada – especially in a small town, surrounded by greenery and called the most beautiful in the state and Vegreville – there is the cheapest house you can imagine.

How Much Does a Canadian Home Usually Cost? The answer is more expensive. A lot, very often. Several recent articles and studies show that Canada’s real estate market is becoming more restrictive than the United States. Already popular for a high price.

Still, as we said, one of the cheapest homes you can imagine is located in the North American state. Strictly speaking, Vacreville is in that wonderful city. The price of the house? Only 25 thousand euros.

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L ‘Notice He speaks clearly: a house with a common sloping roof, large garden, veranda and bright and well-decorated rooms sells for 30 thousand dollars, in European currency, 25 thousand euros. This is objectively absurd, exaggeratedly low price. With this amount, you usually buy a car, certainly not a house. Yet it is so.

It is certain that such cheap homes are rarely found, which is why we can take advantage of them and finally get the house we have always dreamed (or never dreamed of) in the United States. ) Submit your offer starting from the notice. But, since many more are trying to do the same thing in front of us, it is better to hurry.

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