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“Free Listening Space” is one year old

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The “Spazio Libero d’Ascolto”, designed and ardently desired by the management of Ponzanelli at the behest of the need that arose from the youth of Consulta Giovani, today boasts a year of experience. The project, sponsored by Dr. Micaela Travaglini Clinical Pedagogist®️, was born primarily for young people, but has so far turned into a space for reflection for both families and as a support for regional social services.

Through a purely pedagogical relationship, he worked in the field of prevention, enhancing the potential and resources of people in need, and providing beneficial social responses. The duration of the meetings was on average higher than initially expected in the project. The people involved were mainly families from the Val di Magra department, but there was no shortage of families from neighboring municipalities, indicating that the service was appreciated and responsive to the need felt by the community. For this reason, the project will be preserved in the Sarzana district and will be enhanced by its identification as an original space for the teaching profession, as a clinical-pedagogical “reflection space”.
You can access the services by calling the dedicated phone number +39333 2227560 or by sending an email to [email protected]. To ensure access to minors, a form has been prepared that can be downloaded from the Sarzana municipality’s website.

In the photo, Mayor of Sarzana Cristina Ponzanelli, Dr. Michaela Travaglini and the Youth of the Council: Eleonora Ibenetti, Clelia Devoto and Luca Nardi.

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