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Filming continues on Pirandello in Erice, first photos from the set of Ficarra and Picone

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The first pictures from this group “the stranger” The new film by Roberto Ando with Tony Cervello and the Palermo Ficarra and Bacon duo. The feature film was shot between Palermo, Trapani and Eris (filming these days). “Hey guys – the two Sicilian comedians are writing a comment on one of the first pictures that arrived from the movie made by the Palermo director – we would really like to share with you this picture of us with the adorable Tony Cervello while resting on the set of Roberto Ando’s The Oddity. Coming soon to the cinema! “Vicara and Bacon are both long-timers of her success in the Netflix series ‘Incastrate’ which was announced by the same comedians. The making of season two.

The story takes place in the year 1920. In Sicily for a short stay, Luigi Pirandello (Cervelo) encounters an unexpected event that will lead him to meet two distinct characters from the theaters, Onofrio Principato (Ficarra) and Sebastiano Villa (Bacon), amateurs who are rehearsing for a new show with the actors from Their amateur plays. The meeting between the illustrious father of the six characters in search of an author and the dilapidated amateur company will be a harbinger of many surprises. at the end of january Selections to search for plugins.

The cast also includes Renato Carpentieri, Donatella Venuciaro (Catania), Luigi Lo Cassio (another Palermo), Galatea Ranzi and Fausto Rosso Alessi (still Palermo). Andò also wrote the script with Massimo Gaudioso and Ugo Chiti. Producers: Attilio de Raza and Angelo Barbagallo for Baby Film, Trump Limited, Medusa Film, Rai Cinema and in collaboration with Prime Video.

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