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Mary Kay continues her commitment to skin science

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Mary Kay Company, One of the most innovative companies in the world in the skin care sector, participated in two famous European conferences at the end of 2021. During the nineteenth century° Mary Kay, the World Conference on Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine, presented a scientific statement on the use and tolerability of a highly concentrated retinol formula for the skin of Asian people. Mary Kay Inc. Also with the European Society for Research in Dermatology (ESDR) to take care of Future Pioneers in Dermatology Symposium held on the occasion of the fiftietha ESDR Annual Conference. In this conference, Mary Kay Inc. The results of a recent clinical study demonstrated the ability of a cosmetic formulation to relieve symptoms associated with skin allergy.

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Dr. Lucy Gildia, Chief Innovation Officer, Product and Science at Mary Kay (Photo: Mary Kay Inc.)

the 19° World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging Held in Monte Carlo from 16-18 September 2021 under the patronage of His Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco. The conference was invited to various professions including dermatologists, plastic surgeons, doctors specializing in anti-aging treatments as well as general practitioners and specialists in aesthetic medicine. The conference was attended by more than 8,300 participants from 130 countries, both in person and in person. The digital platform enabled an immersive virtual experience, complementing the physical trade show and allowing attendees to participate in the digital event and attend seminars regardless of distance or travel restrictions.

Mary Kay scientists said they are proud to be able to present their latest research on retinol use and tolerance at this conference. Applying the gradual eye re-application protocol to Asian subjects showed an improvement in the overall appearance of the skin as well as a reduction in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, a common problem associated with the use of retinol especially on colored skin.

“While retinol is a reference ingredient with many proven skin care benefits, the tolerability and effects of using retinol products vary from person to person. The results of this study offer potential solutions for people concerned about the potential effects of irritation or hyperpigmentation. I am very pleased to present this research to the scientific community on The world celebrates the nineteenth day° Dr. Lucy Gildia, Scientific Director of Mary Kay Inc.

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“AMWC 2021 features a multi-faceted anti-aging and cosmetic medical program aimed at promoting high-level continuing education, and we are delighted to have Mary Kay among the participants this year. We hope to be able to help inspire the exchange of new ideas and the global sharing of “technical knowledge” in the field,” said Catherine Dekwyberg, Founder and President of EuroMediCom. “I am grateful to our team, our global partners, participants, and the scientific community at large for their contributions and the opportunity to offer our services them and respond to their needs in the field of aesthetic medicine and anti-aging.”

Following the success of AMWC 2021, EuroMediCom will host AMWC 2022 from March 31 to April 2, 2022, still in a hybrid format to allow delegates from around the world to participate in the 20a Edition of the World’s Leading Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-aging Conference. Subscribers will be able to choose whether to attend in person or follow sessions broadcast live from every corner of the world.

European Society for Research in Dermatology (ESDR) Conference It takes place in Europe every September. In 2021, due to restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the annual conference was held entirely in virtual form from September 22-25. ESDR supports experimental dermatology with the goal of improving the health of patients suffering from various infectious, dermatological and immune diseases. In addition to presenting the research, Mary Kay also served as a symposium sponsor Future leaders in dermatology who started the conference.

Geetha Calhasty, Associate Scientific Director of Mary Kay Corporation, presented the results of a recent clinical study that evaluated the effects of a new formulation containing a blend of lipids in identical proportions to the skin’s natural pain receptor antagonist (TRPV-1) and anti-nociceptive (TRPV-1). A plant extract capable of reducing the expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines.

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“At Mary Kay, we are committed to understanding skin biology and designing new products that meet the needs of the skin. One area of ​​constant interest is the relationship between skin sensitivity and skin barrier function,” Calhasty said. Each of these substances follows a specific biological pathway that contributes to the generation of skin redness. The results show that this multi-faceted approach helps strengthen the damaged skin barrier and relieve the discomfort associated with sensitive skin.”

On behalf of the College of ESDR, we would like to thank Mary Kay for her support and generous contribution to ESDR activities. It is precisely because one of our company’s most important activities is to promote the presentation of new research data and innovative ideas that we are pleased that Mary Kay has decided to participate in this event,” said Leopold Eckhart, Chair of the Scientific Planning Committee.

This special symposium helps connect young researchers with renowned scientists working in the field of dermatology by encouraging such collaborations, an aspect very close to the heart of Mary Kay Inc.

About Mary Kay

Among the first people to fight discrimination, Mary Kay Ash founded her own beauty company in 1963 with one goal: to improve women’s lives. This dream has turned into a multi-billion dollar company with a workforce of millions of self-employed people in nearly 40 countries. As an entrepreneurial community, Mary Kay is committed to helping women on their path to economic independence through education, mentorship, support, networking, and innovation. Mary Kay invests passionately in the science behind beauty, creating high-end skincare products, pigmented cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and fragrances. Mary Kay believes it is essential to improve lives today for a sustainable tomorrow, collaborating with organizations around the world to advance excellence in entrepreneurship, support cancer research, advance gender equality, protect victims of domestic violence, beautify our communities, and encourage children to live their dreams. . Find out more about marykayglobal.comFind us on Facebook social networking siteAnd Instagram e LinkedIn or follow us Twitter.

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Founded in 1999 and part of Informa Exhibitions since 2010, EuroMediCom is committed to advancing knowledge and life sciences through courses, conferences and trade fairs. The main event, AMWC, was established in 2003 and has since become the largest and most important conference for aesthetic medicine in the world. AMWC was established with the firm belief that external cosmetic treatments and internal aging prevention can be comprehensively managed by integrating two aspects: aesthetic strategy, through dermatology and surgical procedures, for external appearance and anti-aging medicine. Aging for improvement. Aesthetic treatments and prevention of skin aging. For more information on AMWC, click here:

Information on the European Society for Research in Dermatology (ESDR)

Founded in 1970, the European Society for Research in Dermatology (ESDR) is a non-profit organization that works to advance clinical and basic science in dermatology. ESDR is the largest experimental dermatology association in Europe which currently has around 1,100 members. By supporting experimental dermatology and dermatological research, ESDR contributes to understanding skin homeostasis and improving the health of patients with venereal, dermatological, infectious disease, inflammatory and immune diseases. ESDR facilitates the exchange of information on experimental dermatology between clinicians and scientists around the world. ESDR also organizes training events throughout the year to expand knowledge in the field of dermatology research. For more information, please visit the website

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