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Like a cat on the ring road twins and what happened to them

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Like a cat on the ring road who are the movie’s twin protagonists and what happened to them: their story is incredible.

Among the heroes of Like a cat on the Ring Road, a very successful film with Antonio Albanese and Paola Cortelesi, there is undoubtedly the twins Pamela and Sue Elaine, sisters of Monica who is obsessed with theft on the part of her father, the hero starred. Paola Courtellesi, who conquered everyone with their sympathy.

However, their story is completely incredible and similar to the storyboard in the movie. In fact, Valentina and Alessandra Giudedessa played the twins, who are thieves on the big screen and most likely in real life. In fact, the twins ended up at the center of judicial news which unites them in an incredible way to the characters that played in Like a cat on the Ring Road.

Like a cat on the ring road: who are the twins

Alessandra and Valentina Giudicesa are twins, they are only 40 years old. The two became known to the general public for playing the thief-obsessed sisters in Like a cat on the Ring Road, but their success in cinema was sporadic. Born and raised in the Romanian suburbs, the two worked as cleaners and after their success on the big screen returned to their daily lives.

From time to time, they went on some forays into the entertainment world, for example by participating as guests in Avanti unaltra, but their success in Come un gatto in tangenziale remained an isolated fact. In 2020, they participated in the 5th afternoon of the Vite al Limite simulation. He wanted the Giudicesa twins’ weight of around 150kg to be reduced with the help of Professor Sorrentino. However, two sisters’ names from Come un gatto in the Ring Road are back in vogue in much the same way as Pamela and Sue Ellen. Not for another movie, but for very sad events.

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In fact, in July 2018 Alessandra and Valentina were accused of theft from a perfume factory in Rome, and the following year they negotiated the theft of clothes worth 5 thousand euros. Problems with justice have fueled interest in the roles the twins play, and the cinematic transformation of the robbery sisters into reality on Come un gatto in Tangenziale has enveloped them with a kind of prophetic aura.

Like a cat on the ring road: today’s twin

Therefore, the two women in recent years have been at the center of various news stories. The most recent one, for now, is the accusation of aggravated theft, improper use and credit card fraud. The facts seem to go back a few years ago, when the twins allegedly robbed an elderly woman in a supermarket in Rome, and emptied her credit card in just over two hours.

This is the latest news for Alessandra and Valentina Giudicesa, who have run into trouble with the law on several occasions after the success of Come un gatto on the Ring Road and are now risking trial in connection with their latest accusation. The Messenger informed the news.

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