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Thus changing the artillery war wave of the West

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Finally, more FranceAfter other European countries including GermanyHas decided to “strengthen” the sending of military aidUkraine. Paris already sends sophisticated guns to Kiev Caesar – 155 mm / 52 gauge self-propelled howitzer, installed on 6×6 truck chassis – but Macron went further and prompted “option to contribute to a contract that includes security guarantees”. To Ukraine itself. Military support a ZhelenskyLater, it was reaffirmed and confirmed by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. According to a Downing Street spokesman, one of the possible options is to train Ukrainian pilots through London. This attempt broke in between United States And PolandSupply included F-16 Fight Falcon (Multi-role fighter aircraft) U.S. at Warsaw. Sending his own plane Mic-29 For the Ukrainians (4th generation air superior war).

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Military point

According to many analysts, the massive shipment of Western weapons to Kiev will inevitably turn the war around. Russia, Launching a long series of bloody tactical and military battles backed by long-range weapons. U.S. officials say this will force both sides For a war – following a failed attempt Kremlin The country needs to capture key population centers quickly. Preparing for war in the Zelensky region Donbass, Something decisive for the fate of the conflict. Against the beating heart long-range guns of the Russian arsenal, Kiev would have to make good use of Western artillery.

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More than a quarter of Russian units are dedicated“Special function” Probably now “they are unfit for war”: British intelligence reports in the London Defense Ministry in an update on the situation in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, Russia has deployed more than 120 battalion combat units (BTGs), accounting for 65 percent of its total ground war strength, the report added: more than a quarter of these units are now unable to fight. . Some elite sections of the country, including the VDV air force, have been hard hit by the situation, and it has taken Putin years to recover these forces.

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“Phase II”

“We are entering the second phase of the war,” said Florent Parmentier, an international relations expert at the University of Sciences-Bo in Paris. “The first stage we questioned was the ability of the Ukrainians to oppose Russia … (now) more and more is being talked about. Encourage Ukraine on the path to success“The European Council for Foreign Relations believes that the West has come to terms with the idea that the war will last,” says Russia. Said.


On Thursday, US President Joe Biden unveiled a new aid package to support Ukraine from the Russian invasion that began two months ago. This is the second aid package provided by Biden Management, which was approved in early March. $ 33 billion, About 31 billion euros, will largely fund the shipment of arms to the Ukrainian military. The previous move was to provide about 13 billion euros in aid, almost all of which has already been spent. The New York Times commented that Biden’s largest package for the Ukraine war would cover all US spending so far. The move comes just days after the Biden administration pointed out that it had changed its strategy towards war, in the hope that it would create an opportunity to “weaken” Russia’s military might, as explained by US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

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The United States supplied 155mm howitzer rifles and 40,000 artillery shells to Poland, the best weapons for “close” war. The Biden administration used a further 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles, 300 switchblade drones (referred to as “comics”), and 10 AN / TPQ-36 radars and two AN / MPQ-64 Sentinel aircraft surveillance radars to detect aircraft. Enemies. The 11 Mi-17 helicopters will also come from Washington (in addition to the five helicopters already delivered earlier this year). UK Stormer HVM high-velocity missiles, capable of launching up to 8 StarStream missiles simultaneously, provided by Alvis Vickers. Norway has announced that it will send 100 missile defense missiles for its part.

By Alessandro Strabioli

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