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Billionaires and private jets. Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates: The Environment’s Most Polluted Champions | Melina Gabanelli

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In one hour 2 tons of carbon dioxide

In just one hour, a private jet produces an average of 2 tons of carbon dioxideor a quarter of emissions a European citizen in one year (8.2 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent). For example, file Cessna citation excel (Light aircraft with a length of 16 meters with a range 2700 km which can seat up to eight people), which is one of the best-selling products in the West, for every kilometer traveled it produces 1.7 kg of carbon dioxide. The Beechcraft King Air 200Another popular aircraft in Europe, it can carry up to six passengers and has a shorter range. 1900 km: emit every kilometer 1.1 kg of carbon dioxide. This means that these aircraft from 5 to me 14 times more polluting than commercial e 50 times More gods trains: And in addition to that RThey carry very few passengers, sometimes even one of them.

big polluters

Disproportionate pollution from private aircraft exasperated activists who launched accounts flight tracking, or pages where they track private aircraft routes and report their effects on the climate. The most effective was the American Jack Sweeney That using public transceiver data (the codes that identify an aircraft) opened fifteen accounts to track flights American billionaires Based on The star of the show. Among the most famous out there Tweet embedAnd the Tweet embedAnd the Tweet embed And the Tweet embedthe last three dedicated to the tracks of the richest men in America, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates, who claim to be loyal environmentalists. Analysis of data provided by Sweeney Issuer’s website France information fee Ranking of the 10 most polluting planes in the first eight months of 2022. In the first place there are two Gulfstream G650 From Bill Gatesaircraft with range 13900 km Which can accommodate up to 18 people: In less than 8 months they produced 3,210 tons of carbon dioxide. Already in 2018, the founder of Microsoft was mentioned in one Study Lund University (Sweden) Such as star traveler with the worst carbon traces. Behind the gates are planes musician or instrumentalist JZ (1915 tons of carbon dioxide) from a billionaire Jeff Bezos (1,787 tons) of influencer Kim kardashian (1700) for rapper drake (1,379) and founder of Tesla Elon Musk (1,223). Added 52 flights (14 transatlantic) made by the player Leo Messi Between June 1 and August 31 (1,502 tons of CO2) and 28 flights between August 20 and October 15 of Mark Zuckerberganother champion of the environment other than his own Gulfstream G650 It produced more than 253 tons of carbon dioxide. Why take a private jet on trips so short that they can easily be done by other, less polluting means? In the impressive August Kylie Jenner flew for 17 minutes with him Bombardier 700 BD to go from Los Angeles to the neighbor Camarillo (distance 60 km) emitter tons of carbon dioxide. In July it was the turn of the rapper drake from moving from Toronto to me Hamilton in Canada Choose a private flight by 14 minutes. In the same month, a Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg Took 23 minutes to go from Dublin to me Shannon And the Play a round of golf at Adare Manor. But the lightning flight record goes to the former world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. Which he reached within ten minutes Las vigas from the neighbor Henderson Issuance tons of carbon dioxide.

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Record numbers

There are numbers that should make you think. In the 2021 The private aircraft industry has benefited Recorded 3.3 million trips, up 7% over 2019, the year in which the previous record was set. The highest numbers are in the United States, a country with a fleet of 21,900 business aircraft, of which more than 13,000 are available on the market (2019 data). Throughout the trips were 2.3 million: Only in the Christmas period (from December 20 to January 2, 2022) has been reported 127 thousand departures by plane overseas (+41% more than in the same period two years ago). in Europe Private aircraft movements (Arrivals, departures and bridges) at airports were 728.008 (+5% compared to 2019, over here the document). who are they, 111.985 are flights to and from Italy (+9% compared to 2019). Another increase is expected this year. In the previous 9 months subordinate 2022 The movements were at European airports 814.043 (+26% compared to 2021, over here the document).

The busiest airport in Europe

There are 3,930 private aircraft in Europe, of which 194 are located in Italian airports (Only 133 are financially registered in our country). The airport that attracted the biggest movements Paris Le Bourget (48,421), followed by Nice Cote d’Azur (36234) and Geneva (31823). in Top 30 There are three Italian airports: lint (6th with 20,444 moves), Ciampino (tenth at 15,592) H Olbia Costa Smeralda (Twenty-one with 11855). Seven of Europe’s 10 most polluting private aircraft routes lie on the UK, France, Switzerland and Italy axis (over here Document: i villages which produces more Carbon Dioxide With private jets United kingdom (425,499 tons, 19.2% of the total), France (365,630 tons, 16.5%) e Italia (227.653 tons, 10.2%).

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Short trips and vacation spots

To justify the extensive use, billionaires and businessmen claim Which private planes allow you to access Places not served by trade routes And save a lot of time. In fact, the 70% Jet flights are between European cities, most of which are well served by transport. The 50% Of these trips cover distances less than 500 km including two The three busiest roads in 2021: Geneva – Paris Le Bourget (3,241 flights), Paris Le Bourget – Nice – French Riviera (2586) and Roma Ciampino Milan Linate (1,836). Short distances pollute a lot due to the higher kerosene consumption in take-off and landing compared to the cruise phase. Airplanes can always be replaced by a less polluting optionAnd the, with an additional time of just over two hours. The most striking case is the link Geneva – Paris, the busiest in Europe. Around 409 km Can travel by train with 2 hours and 22 minutes Over the plane, but avoid emission 6.9 tons From Carbon Dioxide. To connect Milan Rome It will only take 1 hour and 11 minutes and they will save money 3.8 tons of carbon dioxide. Finally, the traffic increases significantly during Summer periods and towards holiday resortsTherefore, it has nothing to do with the business activities of the entrepreneurs.

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