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Israel shoots down a “foreign plane” entering its airspace

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According to the Jerusalem Post On Sunday evening, the Israeli army announced the interception of a “foreign plane” after it invaded Israeli airspace from Syria. Helicopters and fighters of the Israeli army shot down the plane, followed by the Israeli Air Force before it was hit.

The military sources said the plane posed no threat, but it was not clear why it was shot down. And Israeli media reported that the plane crashed in an uninhabited area, and no warning was issued, according to practice, as the situation does not pose any danger at any stage.

The Israeli army is currently investigating the details of the incident. The High Council of Galilee was informed of the situation and confirmed that there were no other anomalies in the northern skies of Israel. At the same time, we don’t even know if the plane is piloted by a human being or if it’s just a drone, even if this point is usually highlighted in press releases. We don’t even know if the plane crossed the border because it was damaged or the pilot could not fly. A beautiful Israeli puzzle.

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