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“I will never do things like this again.”

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It hardly comes as a surprise that filming Mad Max: Fury Road It was a stressful experience for the actors involved: George Miller also managed to take the soul out of Tom Hardy and company, as confirmed by the statements made in these hours by the still traumatized Charlize Theron of that set.

After finally Armistice signed with Tom HardyIn fact, the star of The Devil’s Advocate is back to talk about Miller’s masterpiece in these terms: “Look, I know I said that as an actress I want to feel challenged, but… Not much! I have never done anything that required this stamina, and I will never do things like this again. I don’t know what making a sequel looks like, but I wish it wasn’t“.

Then Theron continued:I hate to say this, because I don’t want to encourage young actors and actresses to think they need to be traumatized and sacrificed, because I really don’t think you do, but I also think the circumstances around this movie were. Given this charm. I don’t mean it always has to be like this, but the flash of genius you’re trying to go after… I think it happened to this movie. But man, it was hard“.

Is this worth it? Tell us in the comments! Back to the present day, meanwhile, George Miller talk about Mad Max: Fury Road sequel script.

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