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A date with shooting stars LIVE AT 3.30 – Space & Astronomy

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The classic rendezvous with the shooting stars of San Lorenzo, the Perseid Meteors, which is expected to reach its peak August 11-13. After the unforgettable year 2021, this year’s show will be jeopardized by a full moon, so it’s best to expect the observations for a few nights, or wait for the latter part of the night.

Also known as St. Lawrence’s Tears, they are made up of dust grains left behind by Comet Swift-Tuttle that burn up upon impact with Earth’s atmosphere, producing stunning trails of light in the sky. The peak this year will be on the nights between August 11 and 13, when, in ideal viewing conditions, up to 100 meteors can be observed in very dark places.

Tips for Monitoring Perseids

“After the unforgettable year of 2021, by 2022, the observing conditions at Perseids will be less favorable,” commented Gianluca Massi, Scientific Director of the Virtual Telescope. To get around the problem, it may therefore be advisable to play in advance, for example by betting on the nights of August 9 or 10, or waiting for the sun to set, in the latter part of the night. He witnesses a climax: “Since dawn, the observer on a part of the Earth has been advancing along its orbit toward the dust of comets – added Massey – as if he saw from the windshield, not from the back window of our planet. This case, combined with the sunset of the moon guarantees good results. “.

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