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This is how the new FIA anti-porpoising rules will be used

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The FIA ​​has issued a technical directive to impose emergency solutions to the war-poaching incident. This is how the new rules in practice from Montreal will be applied

The big news for the Canadian GP weekend is not the return of Circuit Gilles Villanuev to a three-year absence due to Kovit-19, but the use of a technical order issued by the FIA ​​to deal with the event. Protecting the health of pilots. In Baghdad – Formula 1 single seats have reached unprecedented heights in terms of 2,200 meters straight jolts – the issue has been the subject of controversy and political debate among teams, particularly Hamilton at the end of 51 rounds of the Azerbaijan GB following pictures showing Lewis. After an official statement from the federation imposing two anti-hopping rules, the necessary clarity on how the checks will be carried out, if it is fair to ask how the new restrictions will be applied, has arrived in Montreal.

FIA, anti-porpoising rules

Before practice, a brief study of the theory will certainly be useful. We look forward to meeting with team designers and FIA engineers at a technical meeting to determine how to resolve the issue definitively by 2023 – much to be said about the re-launch.InactiveA hydraulic element of the suspension was introduced and banned, and allowed to control variations in height from the floor of single seats – in the meantime they were already imposed by the Canadian GP. Two buffer solutions. On the one hand, there is a detailed examination of the shape and wear of the underside of cars (the area that touches the asphalt, therefore, can be worn when warping up), on the other hand it is examined. Limit to vertical oscillations. In this second case, it is a mathematical formula that can establish for sure which teams will be disqualified if they give higher values ​​than allowed.

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F1, How to apply the new standards?

As already mentioned, anti-porpoising rules will be applied before the Canadian GP on stage this weekend on the Montreal track. From the first free training sessions, single seats will be communicated directly to Federation technicians. Capable of calculating vertical oscillations as well. The collected data will then be analyzed and used to finalize the mathematical formula, which will set the jump limit, which teams will not be able to cross and will be notified prior to free training. Reduces, therefore, helps to control porpoiseing) allowing FIA verification without use. There are any teams above the allowable limit.

Permits issued

In case of violation of the rules, the disqualification of the car which has become the protagonist of illegal behavior should also come, with the FIA ​​being able to increase the height from a minimum of 10 mm. In FP3, the back (or higher) of all can not be returned within the installed parameters. As revealed in the last few hours, after hearing the explanation of the expected sanctions in a way that the teams can understand the federation, something in Canada should still be a test event, in which data and information will be collected while waiting. For the procedures described for officially entering the next races. Maximum attention will also be paid to the control of the three speed laps that drivers must perform on the free 3: those caught going too slow to change values ​​will actually be forced to repeat the test. It remains to be seen whether the maximum allowable porpoiseing limit will require a major change in the car system or whether the teams will be able to return within the range without major losses in performance.

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