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How is the subscription refunded?

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Amazon has decided to pay some customers for a Prime subscription, but only if the subscription to the Prime Services will occur on a specific date. Let’s see what the refund deadline is and how it works.

Amazon decided to Redeem your Prime subscription For some users markingAmazon Prime Day. Those who requireAnnual subscription To Prime Services By July 11.

The refund amount consists of Weekly Coupons (total €6 each) The promotion is reserved for 1500 clients In total. Let’s see how promotion works in detail.

Amazon Prime: How Subscription Refund Works


Amazon Prime announced that repayment . will be recognized First 1500 customers throughJuly 11 will stipulateAnnual subscription to services president And the amount reimbursed will be equal to the cost incurred, i.e. 36 EUR.

After registration, the platform will send 6 vouchers of €6 eachwhich can be used when purchasing products sold and shipped by Amazon.

Moreover, the initiative can only target users who have obtainedE-mail Sent by Amazon where promotional campaign details are described.

Amazon: How Prime . Works


By subscribing to head of services You will be able to access a file Prime DayThis is two days of crazy shopping with amazing discounts that will happen On July 12 and 13, 2022.

Amazon Prime It is an additional paid service. To take advantage of the benefits offered, it is necessary to register and can try Amazon Prime at first Free for 30 days Without any obligation to renew. Next, there are two types of subscriptions available: the first, monthly, and available at a cost 3.99 €; second annual 36 euros in total. By texting on the latter, you will be able to access repayment.

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A subscription to Prime Services gives you access to fast and free shipping, Prime Video, music streaming, the cloud to store your photos, access to preview shows and more.

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