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Spazio Giovanni reaches the goal: satisfy students and associations

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Students taking lessons at the Lega Navale Taranto . section

The project that combines sport and social inclusion with the aim of promoting a region, the province of Taranto, which is rich in potential, has been completed.

The initiative, promoted by the national UPI and youth districts – Upi Puglia and funded by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, Department of Youth Policies, was immediately intercepted by the province of Taranto as a concrete commitment in the field of youth policy.

The easing of restrictive measures and the slowdown in the spread of the epidemic made it possible to conclude the second part of the project with two activities in the presence of the students of the Mathematical Science Secondary Schools of the province as champions: “QOFlacco” Palagiano and “Augusto Righi” from Taranto. ‘Sports and the environment’ This is the topic covered during the training seminar conducted by the ASD Archinto Fit team, which was also attended by the President of the Province of Taranto, Attorney Giovanni Gigliotti, to underscore not only the province’s desire to pursue the goals of the project but also gratitude for the participation shown by the youth and the associations.

They were the champions of a day dedicated to watersports thanks to the active cooperation of the Lega Navale department in Taranto which made the team of professionals and its headquarters, to allow the students to learn about and try out the canoes and kayaks.

Once again, the network was established between institutional bodies such as the Province of Taranto, Ubi Puglia and the participating associations (“Terra delle Gravine Tour Operators”, Asd Archinto, Cultural and Artistic Center “Aracnea”, Amateur Sports Club “Volley Castellaneta”, Asd “The Pirates” and Asd “Boys Taranto Basket Onlus”) in the organizational coordination of Movimex Agency, they are the strong point of the project.

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