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“Full Science”: for 96 small events in the governorate’s libraries

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Bergamo. Earth is a beautiful little place that is also worth exploring from a scientific point of view. But how do you explain to kindergarteners such complex topics as this one?

This can be done through the proposals developed by the libraries of the Bergamasca Library Network, which is again participating this year in the BergamoScienza Festival as part of the “I scape to read” project, presented and funded by the same network and by the Bergamasca Community Foundation.

For children aged 3 to 6 years, between 3 and 16 OctoberIt is available in libraries 71 dedicated kindergarten meetings and 25 user meetings for free, which youngsters can take part in with their families to attend shared readings. To participate in the initiatives, it is necessary to register through the BergamoScienza website.

Begins with a bibliography prepared by the working group of librarians at Rbbg, consisting of 36 titles meticulously selected for the cycle of events “For all science. Earth, what a nice little place”. The booklet is accompanied by illustrations by Lucy Cousins ​​from the book “Un bel posticino” which was used thanks to a collaboration with Franco Cosimo Panini Publishing.

There are books with windows to open, tabs to drag, and sliders to discover the world around us; books with pictures to discover animals, insects, plants and other creatures of the earth; Books about recycling and reusing everyday objects encourage children from the first years of life to respect the environment.

During the month of October, some titles will also be shown in the video and can be found on the Rbbg website and on the social channels of the network, through which they are regularly posted with reels and photos. The publication with the proposals will be downloadable on the network’s website in the “Full Science” section, and the paper format will be made available to all children who will participate in the events.

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