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Alessandra, “miracle” of life and science: the name in honor of the benefactor

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“It’s like Alessandra has come back to life, part of her is still alive, we are happy too.” Thus was the donor husband of Alessandra’s father, the little girl born in Cannizzaro in Catania to a woman who had performed the first uterine transplant in Italy from a deceased patient. It is narrated by Giovanni, the father of the new baby, in connection with the family of the donor who lost his life to sudden cardiac arrest at a hospital in Florence two years ago. “They are as happy as we are, and we share everything,” adds Giovanni, the father of little Alessandra, who “can’t find the words to express the joy.”

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“It’s a miracle, and I can’t express how happy I feel,” he says. Trails are difficult for everyone, But we were fortunate enough to be accompanied by faith. My heart is exploding in my chest. I haven’t slept in two days and can’t wait for them to come home. I return to Gela in the evening, but my head is always at the Cannizzaro Hospital.” “I haven’t seen my wife yet – he notes – we talked to each other on the phone, she’s fine and I can’t wait to cuddle her. The little girl is in the incubator, but she is going well, I am speechless, I can not believe it ». You find the words “Thanking the benefactor’s family” and choosing the name of her daughter Alessandra as the deceased woman “was natural, the least we could do”, and “Medical teams of Professors Scolo and Ferro”, of Polyclinico and Cannizzaro in Catania, great professionals who were close to us in a way Brilliant, we wouldn’t have done it without them.” He hopes that their example, their happiness, is “contagious and leads to donation,” and gives continuity to “that miracle that is life.”

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The wife did not have a uterus due to a rare congenital disease, Rokitansky’s syndrome was discovered, when he was 17, because he had no evidence of the course. A bad psychological blow exacerbated by the abandonment of the lover who left her. “When we got married – confirms Giovanni – I knew that we could not have children, but I loved and loved her very much. Of course it was difficult to ask ‘But children? When?’, but we were comforted by faith and helped by science. I think today we have witnessed and benefited from a miracle ». Regarding the connections between the families of the donor and the recipient, in general, the doctors, especially at the time of immediate intervention, are not in their favour: «Usually – explains Prof. Perfranchesco Ferro, who performed the transplant – we tend not to do it because sometimes, we can Creating pathological bonds, especially between parents who have lost a child. In this case, everything passed through the media and social networks.”

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Also greetings from Alessandra and her parents from Regional Health Adviser Ruggero Raza: «Best wishes to the girl born in Catania thanks to the uterine transplant performed in 2020 by Paolo Scolo and Pierfrancesco Verox. This was the first time in Italy. Today the birth of a wonderful girl.” “I was informed of the event immediately after Alessandra’s birth, and as always – adds Reza – we waited 48 hours for the news to come out. It’s not just a good health story because of the great experience of two valuable professionals. More simply put, it is the demonstration of how health in Sicily is not a place of power and dominators that has so many vultures so coveted in recent weeks. Instead, among the shadows of the difficulties that still exist, the lights of such findings stand out, which do justice to many professionals in their work ».

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