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Calcio concession – Castiglione, rooster Belotti ready to sing

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Castiglione After several appearances after the start of the match, two weeks ago, against Casagoburnato, the 2005-born striker Simone Belotti, a striker from the Brescia school, made his debut for Castiglione in the first minute. As Mr. Esposito always says, all players on a team are important and they should be ready to be hired. This was also the case for the child who was lined up in a more posterior position. But he contributed nonetheless.
“There was a little bit of emotion,” said the young Rosuble player. I believe I trained at my best and showed I was ready, over the past few months I have worked hard to recover from some aches and pains and improve my physical form, without forcing. And I clearly won the coach’s confidence: starting from the beginning was a surprise. I have never felt the weight of playing with my more experienced team mates so much, they have made my job easier. Having players like Ferrari side by side makes the job easier, because it also guides you in the moves you need to make. I stayed fully focused and gave my all. Finding yourself in the mechanisms was completely simple, as if you had been there for quite some time. The substitution at the end of the second half didn’t feel too heavy for me, and frankly I was tired. But by working out, I know I will also regain that part of my fitness that I still miss, by playing real games. Now I am waiting for the next opportunity to make my contribution again. We young people can certainly develop.” And time is on their side. Next Sunday Castiglione hosts Darvo Borio: after two straight wins, another match to stay in the full playing area should not be missed, against a team desperately looking for play-off spots. However, Mr. Esposito will not be on the bench, which will remain until April 12.

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