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Megaspider, the nightmare of a gigantic spider that can penetrate human nails

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Measurement three inches From foot to foot and have fangs toxic It is about an inch long and has jaws strong enough to pierce human nail: and the megaspider , looks like respression, recently arrived at Australian Reptiles, Somersby Park, in the new South Wales.

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As reported by the BBC, the zoo that includes spider He mentioned that he is greater than this in particular Ocean. donated by someone AnonymousParks administrators hope that a donor will come forward to help them discover larger spider species in the future.

Michael Tate, the zoo’s education officer, told CNN, “It is unusually amazing And if we can convince general to offer more spiders Like her, the result will only be rescue More lives, given the huge amount of poison that they can produce. we really Worry To find out where she came from in hopes of finding other spiders like her.

The spider was placed in “antidoto” program From the zoo: The poison of the eight-legged creature is taken and then sent to a company from Melbourne that will turn in a antitoxin. A program capable of saving 300 lives a year.

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