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Space for meteor light with Opod

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when Robert Nemirov And the Jerry Bonnell NASA launched their own Today’s astronomy picture ( On June 16, 1995, unbeknownst to them, they opened a new season for star photographers: the initiative provides for the daily release of an astronomical image that represents a noteworthy event.

The authors state that the intent is to “present a different picture of us every day beingAccompanied by a brief explanation by astronomer Professionals.” This initiative soon turned into a photography competition: photographers who see their chosen photo as an Apod proudly flaunt their receipt, so much so that many began to include it in their photography curriculum.

In light of the fashion that was born from the idea of ​​the American worlds so that Galileo Galilei Astrophile Collection Aps Started creating the weekly column Today’s visual image (, with purposes associated with disclosinglight meteor”. Column edited by Marco Mineiro It provides images with scientific explanations of the event being photographed. Among the column’s initiatives, May is expected to be one theme green flash (the shapeThe Opod will be assigned to the green beam every day for the first week and then one every Monday.

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