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In the Spazio Foer in Trento, “Dogs of the Future by Paolo Dalponte”

On November 17 opening, on November 29 meeting with the author


After the series devoted to pipes, coffee, kitchenware and mushrooms – to include some of the themes reinterpreted by Paolo Dalponte – here is the series dedicated to dogs, twenty-eight acrylic drawings giving shape to the exhibition “Cani Futuri” at the Spazio FoyEr in Trento, from 17 November to 1 December.
“Among the rapid and sometimes curious changes in our society, there is no doubt that the widespread and great love of dogs is of some importance,” stated the artist from Trentino who, in his surrealist style, enjoyed the interpretation of an animal that has long been considered man’s best friend.
“The dogs in this series have internalized the desires of their owners and have thus turned into exotic breeds,” he adds, explaining how this exhibition, albeit with the lightness of Paolo Dalponte’s art, partly wants to make us think of some humans. Attitudes towards dogs.

Ironically, Dalponte starts with the form of the dog and then, also, on the basis of the animal’s character and attitude, transforms it into a symbolic key, “surreal but without a severe psychological mechanism” that defines the artist.
And then, as you can read while browsing the catalog, he enjoys building a story around it. For example, the Scottish Mastiff displays a traditional tartan blue-green coat: “It frequents the Scottish Greens, and is always looked upon with a certain sympathy by tough local golfers, perhaps because the Scottish Mastiff feels an irrepressible need to recover lost balls. After the most difficult blows.”

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The acrobatic Dachshund is drawn on improbable stilts, while the infallible Hound is in a classic standing position and muzzle with crosshairs aimed toward the target.
We know that the Pinscher is a small dog, but for Paolo Dalponte there can also be a portable version, that is, with a comfortable handle, to prevent the owners from losing it while walking.
Even these futuristic dogs, as for all his drawings, are made with great precision, because even perfection of execution serves to attract attention, to arouse the curiosity and reflection of the observer.
As with all of his series, these are also iconic designs that stand out against a white and shadowless background.

Paolo Dalponte, born in Boia di Lomaso, after graduating from the Trento State Institute of Art in the mid-1970s became interested in oil painting and about ten years later also in graphics.
He was part of the Andromeda Art Studio in Trento that deals with comic strips and is a member of the Trentino La Cerchia Artists’ Association.
He has held several personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad (Trento, Bologna, Innsbruck, Luxembourg, Nove Gissin Czech Republic, Novellara, Istanbul, Tehran, Soncino, Caldaro, Milan, Pribodon-France), the last of which was this year in Prague dedicated to Wunderkammerns and won the Important prizes (Belgrade, Antalya-Turkey, Kaliningrad-Russia, Marostica, Bordighera, Presov-Reb.
Slovak, Iran, Beijing, Odessa – Ukraine, Surgut – Siberian, Yerevan – Armenia).
He has collaborated with Edizioni Rendena, Akena, Edizioni Curcu, Genovese and Plusco.
He teaches pencil drawing and oil painting courses to children and adults.

At the Spazio Foyer in Trento, Via Galilei, 26
“The Dogs of the Future by Paolo Dalponte”
Monday from 4 to 7 pm
From Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 12 and from 16 to 19
Thursday 17 November at 6 pm Art critic Elisabetta’s opening
Tuesday, November 29 at 6 pm Interview with the author

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