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The Wagner Brigade and the shocking video of the execution of an alleged defector –

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The mercenary group posted on social media a horrific video clip of the execution of a former prisoner who had been recruited but had planned to escape to Kyiv. He was captured by the Russians and brutally murdered

brigade WagnerA group of Russian mercenaries involved in the war against Ukraine posted on its social channels a horrific video clip of the execution of a member of their militia who had fled to Kyiv.

Yevgeny Nouzin – That’s the militia’s name – Kan Inmate his militia recruitedAnd the Along with hundreds of other prisoners, to strengthen unity in Ukraine.

In the video, Nozin – who says he is 55 years old – explains that his intention was “to go to Ukraine, to do something against Putin”. I went to the front to fight the Russians. On the 4th of September, I put my plan into action. But on November 11, when I was on a street in Kyiv, someone hit me on the head, and I fainted. I woke up in that basement, where the death sentence informed me.”

(According to another version of the story, Nogin probably returned to Russian lands as part of a prisoner exchange, and was immediately recognized and captured by the Wagner group.)

After saying those words, Nizhen was killed with a baton in the head by his former comrades who had filmed the execution. Observers note that the terrifying images are one way Wagner warns anyone who decides to defect.

Group founder Yevgeny PrigozhinAnd he, very close to the Russian president, commented on the video on social media: “As for the one who was killed with a hammer, this show shows that he did not find happiness in Ukraine, he met rude but fair people. I think the title of this video is “The Dog Deserves the Dog’s Death”.

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