Home World The mystery of the sheep running in circles in China, the expert reveals the possible reason – Corriere.it

The mystery of the sheep running in circles in China, the expert reveals the possible reason – Corriere.it

The mystery of the sheep running in circles in China, the expert reveals the possible reason – Corriere.it
From Alessandro Vinci

No Listeria infection: According to Matt Bell, a professor at the University of Hartbury in Gloucester, it would be a stress-induced behavior. But from Italy a veterinarian recoils: There are not enough items

It continues to get views and keep users curious video Widespread November 16 on Twitter From the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily who portrays a flock of sheep Inner Mongolia Constantly moving in circles inside the box. In the absence of valid explanations from the (questionable) breeder, the hypothesis of Alisteria infectionbecause of a bacteria Which are found in soil and water and thus can contaminate vegetables and greens. In fact, one of its most common symptoms in sheep is the occurrence of Repetitive circular motions, as a direct result of damage to certain areas of the brain. The fact that the samples in question, at least, were not healthybut they started behaving this way for more than ten days. A period of time inconsistent with the possibility of infection with listeria, a disease condition that usually leads to the death of sheep within 48 hours if left untreated. In addition to as specified to me hv news
From Andrew Fisherdirector of the Center for Humane Science at the University of Melbourne, in this case the animals would not have given life to one big circle, but they would have formed diversity Because each person would have traced his transformation on himself.

Having ignored the bacterial trail, he tries to shed light on what happened on Monday Matt Bella professor in the Department of Agriculture at the University of Hartbury in Gloucester, who has consulted him Newsweek
I have declared I had the impression that the video samples remained confined in a container for extended periods. In his view, this could lead to stereotypical behavior on the part of some sheep, whose frequency of turning could be attributed to The frustration of being in the box, are limited in the places they can go. Then, others would have started doing the same just in the spirit of mimicry, where – as they are known – being pack animals they bond or unite with their friends.

On the basis of the film there may be tension-related causes which he does not rule out either Gilberto Mancinthe veterinary director of Novara ASL specializing in animal feed, who, however, points out that he does not have enough elements to venture into the diagnosis: in fact we are faced with a video of a few seconds – notes on microphones courier – As far as I’m concerned It could be anything and everythingIncluding the montage. Even assuming that the “more than ten days” mentioned by the farmer corresponds to the truth, I sincerely believe that It wouldn’t be smart to over-rely on these photos alone: the context is completely missing. That said, even in his opinion, a listeria infection seems frankly unlikely: one sheep would go to the right, the other to the left – he asserts -. But who guarantees me, for example, that around the herd is not put Dale electric wire? Alternatively, another possible explanation could be linked to an effect Electromagnetic forces, a topic on which there is now a vast scientific literature, but, as already emphasized, can only be hypotheses. In other words, (almost) nothing can be ruled out a priori: the mystery continues…

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