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Space for metaphorical floats and food trucks Events in Venice

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Saturday April 30, Mira will host the second edition of the Riviera Carnival at night. Starting at 8 pm, it will be possible to attend the parade of allegorical floats that will end via Gramsci, Riviera Matteotti and Riviera Trentin: here the award ceremonial stage will take place. The event is promoted by Pro Loco, in cooperation with the municipal administration and with the support of various commercial activities in the city. In case of rain, the carnival will be postponed to May 7.

While waiting for the carts to be moved, the audience will be delighted with street animation, with food carts to enjoy something good together. For this occasion, the shops will remain open until 11:30 pm.

“We did our best this year to be able to stage the carnival – declared Pro Loco President Michelle Campalto – and we are proud to bring the parade of metaphorical floats to Mira for the second time. It is an event we strongly believe in, to offer the city an opportunity to celebrate and revive the local economy, with various side initiatives such as the initiative of the popular group “Giorgio and the Magical Whips of Romania”. I would like to thank all the activities that supported us and the municipality administration because without them we would not have been able to organize them.”

“After Oriago in fiore, there is another opportunity to come together, experience the city in the outdoors and support the trade – Mayor confirms my role – I express my personal thanks to the many volunteers and to Pro loco for the work they are doing in service of our community. I really hope there will be a lot of The people who will be participating in this festive event in Mira, are obviously in compliance with health and safety measures.”

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