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“Annexed areas are historical lands.” Bombing of a residential building in Amman

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  • Putin signs the law on expulsion from the Ukrainian regions
  • Putin: The annexed regions are historical lands

Collect signatures for Ukraine

Today the “Stop the War Committee” and the Magnitudo association have also begun to collect signatures on the two referendum questions to stop arms shipments to Ukraine. It is a necessary choice in the face of the intransigence of official politics, right and left, increasingly compromising Italy in an aggressive position contrary to our national interest, which makes Contributes to making the Ukrainian people a scapegoat A struggle between conflicting imperialist logics All opinion polls tell us that the majority of Italians oppose continuing to send arms in a war that will at best be an endless struggle in the heart of Europe, and at worst could be the cause of an unprecedented catastrophe We thank the “Rejection of War” and “Future Generation” committees that initiated this referendum initiative, which through our committee will also be supported by the right. We want to give a voice to an entire right-wing people who do not share the government’s choices in this field and who ask Giorgia Meloni to change this strategic choice. as quickly as possible which brings no benefit to Italy, not even in terms of the terms of European and Atlantic solidarity”. This was announced by Gianni Alemanno, spokesman for the Stop the War Committee, who today, together with the Chairman of the Committee, Massimo Arleccino, and Nicola Colosimo, President of the Magnitudo Association, signed two referendum questions before the start of the presentation of the book “Donbass”. Stories “by Giorgio Bianchi.

Putin signs the law on expulsion from the Ukrainian regions

Residents of the four Ukrainian regions annexed by Russia who do not agree to become Russian citizens will be considered foreigners and can be expelled if they pose a “threat to national security” through activities including “participation in unauthorized rallies and demonstrations”. This is the text of the law that President Vladimir Putin signed and promulgated today after it was approved by Parliament.

Putin: “Annexed territories are historical lands”

The four regions of Ukraine annexed by Moscow are Russian “historic lands” and their inhabitants are “part of our people”. This was stated by President Vladimir Putin, speaking in St. Petersburg. Today, it is necessary to “defend and protect their categorical decision to return to Russia,” Putin was quoted as saying by TASS news agency.

Governor: 21 dead in a Russian attack on Uman

The death toll from the Russian attack on a residential building in Uman, central Ukraine, has risen to 21. This was stated by the head of the Cherkassy regional military department, Ihor Taborets, in a telegram. “21 dead at the moment. Pain and anger…,” he adds in the post.

Governor of Cherkassy: Uman has no hope of finding any more survivors

“Two hours ago we pulled out the last wounded man, and as I can see from the conditions of the building, in my opinion, there is no hope of finding other survivors at the moment.” This was stated by the head of the Cherkassy regional military department, Ihor Taborets, to journalists present at the site of the Russian attack on Uman. “We have information that there may still be one or two people inside the building and they are on the missing list, but we are not sure if they were home at the time. We just got downstairs and I think we will be pretty sure of the numbers in an hour.”

Mattarella: Pressure for European defense strengthens NATO

The war in Ukraine, strategic autonomy, immigrants and the enlargement of the European Union. These are the topics that were addressed in the meeting between the President of the Republic and the President of Lithuania, Gitanas Nauseda. And about the war in Ukraine, Mattarella recalled Italy’s support, stressing our country’s participation in the NATO battalions that guard the borders of the Atlantic Alliance and the need to preserve the value of the unity with which the European Union moved: the orientation towards European defense is not. An alternative, but one that strengthens the Atlantic alliance, as the president stressed, among other things.

Pro-Russians: Even a child among those killed by a Ukrainian missile

A child was also among seven people killed in Donetsk today when a missile fired by Ukrainian forces hit a minibus. This was reported by the head of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic, Denis Pushlin, citing RIA Novosti. Pushlin added that ten were wounded, and reported that other Ukrainian missiles hit a hospital, a garden, and some residential buildings.

Moscow: bombing military targets in Ukraine

The Russian Defense Ministry said it had hit military targets in a series of missile strikes last night. The ministry’s TASS news agency, however, does not refer to civilian casualties reported by Ukrainians.

The death toll in Uman rose to 14

In the city of Uman, in central Ukraine, 3 more bodies were recovered from the rubble of the residential building that was hit this morning by a Russian missile, bringing the death toll to 14, including two children. The update was sent by Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klimenko citing UNIAN. In total, besides the two victims of Dnipro (Eastern Ukraine), there are 16 dead due to Russian attacks today.

Kyiv: 9 dead in Uman

Interior Minister Igor Klimenko said the death toll in a Russian attack on Uman in central Ukraine, where a residential building was hit by a missile, had risen to nine, including a child. 17 people were injured, and three children were saved during the rescue operation.

Zelensky: Russia will respond to the attacks and the deaths

This Russian terrorism is facing a just response from Ukraine and the world. will. Every such attack and every evil act against our country and people brings the terrorist state closer to failure and revenge, and not vice versa as they think. We will not forget any crime and we will not allow any occupier to evade responsibility, ”the Ukrainian president writes on Telegram Volodymyr ZelenskyCommenting on the attacks that struck Ukrainian cities tonight, killing at least six people.

“Last night, the enemy attacked Ukraine again with missiles and drones,” Zelensky wrote, sharing some pictures of the destruction and fires caused by the attacks. Terrorists targeted civilians and targets. A missile attack on Uman damaged about 10 residential buildings. The entire block of one of them was destroyed. People are still trapped under the rubble. Unfortunately, there are victims, including a child. In Dnipro, terrorist bombings took the life of a child. My condolences to all those who have lost loved ones to Russian terrorism. I am grateful to our Air Force, our anti-aircraft gunners, everyone who helps overcome the consequences of enemy attacks, and everyone who protects our people.

Moscow: The West is preparing in advance to confront Russia

The Russian Defense Minister said that Western countries had prepared in advance for confrontation with Russia Sergey Shoigu During a meeting of defense leaders of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in New Delhi. “The West has shown that it is prepared in advance for a confrontation with the Russian Federation. Widespread sanctions were imposed on Russia immediately, arms supplies to Ukraine were regulated, intelligence supplies were dispatched, and military advisors and mercenaries were sent to the war zone. In this way, the military potential and capabilities of almost all NATO countries were used.

Kiev: 21 missiles and 2 drones fell overnight

Ukraine’s air force said it shot down 21 cruise missiles and two drones in a wave of Russian attacks on Kiev and other cities in the country overnight. “On April 28, 2023, at around 4 am, Russian invaders attacked Ukraine from a Tu-95 strategic aircraft from the Caspian Sea region. Anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in cooperation with the air defense systems of other components of the Defense Forces, destroyed 21 of the 23 Kh-101 / Kh-555 cruise missiles, as well as two. UAVs at the tactical operational level,” the Air Force wrote on Telegram.

A little girl was injured by shrapnel from a missile

Ukrainka, a city in the Kiev region about 50 kilometers south of the capital, during a night attack, rocket fragments fell on a building, and a little girl was injured. This was reported by the governor of the region, Ruslan Kravchenko, in a post on Facebook. “Unfortunately, shrapnel from a Russian missile hit a multi-storey building in the city of Ukrainka. As a result, the apartments on the fifth and sixth floors were damaged. The fire was contained by 5:30 am. “A wounded little girl was taken to Akhmatdit,” Kravchenko wrote, noting that all attacks that took place during the night were repulsed.

Kiev: At least 5 were killed in the bombing and 11 missiles were dropped on the capital

At least five people were killed in explosions in the areaUkraine. Among the victims was a three-year-old child who died with a woman in the early hours of the day in the area Dnipro. As reported by the mayor Boris FilatovHe was killed as a result of the Russian attacks with “precision weapons”.

The district police spokesman said CherkasyThe center of the country condemned the attack, with a missile that hit a building in the city of Uman, killing at least three and wounding eight.

According to the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery Zaluzhny, from 4 local time there were several weather alerts in the country. It said in a statement that “21 of the 23 Kh-101/Kh-555 cruise missiles” and two drones were destroyed.

In the capital, the authorities confirmed that 11 missiles and two drones had been shot down after “a 51-day hiatus.” There were reports of damage to a road and a power outage in Kiev.

Ukrainian war – While the Ukrainian army is preparing counterattackRussian forces erected sandbag fighting positions on the rooftops of several of the six buildings that house the nuclear power plant’s reactors Zaporizhia: writes the British Ministry of Defense. Meanwhile allies child They supplied Kiev with 1,550 armored vehicles and 230 tanks. The Secretary General of NATO said so Jens Stoltenberg.

the first lady Zelenska Complaint to the Council of Europe: “orMore than 19,000 Ukrainian minors have been deported from Moscow». And from the Kremlin, commenting on the phone call that took place yesterday between Xi Jinping And ZelenskyLet him know that the Chinese president, during his visit to Moscow a month ago, did not discuss with her put it in Return to full sovereigntyUkraine.

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