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The tombs of hundreds of aboriginal children, the statue of Queen Elizabeth in Canada were smashed

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Statues of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria were torn down on cross-chairs in protest by Native Americans in Canada, which exploded in several parts of the country, leaving hundreds of unnamed children buried in horrific graves around many boarding schools. The church has been favored by local governments for decades with the aim of forcibly integrating Indigenous children into Canadian society.

The Statues of Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria were smashed After being counterfeited in cross chairs of Native American struggles in Canada, it exploded in many parts of the country following the horrific discovery. Hundreds of graves of unnamed children Around the many colleges run by the church, but with the intention of being needed for decades by local governments Forcibly integrate tribal children In the Canadian community. On the eve of Canada Day, which falls on July 1, a group of Native Americans pull down a statue of Queen Victoria standing in a park opposite the Legislature of Manitoba, Canada. Left a sign with red handprints and the words “Once upon a time we were kids”.

A small statue representing Queen Elizabeth was also demolished in the same park as the Parliament building. In fact, both British sovereigns are seen as representatives of the anti-colonial history of the country, which has had an impact on the natives even in the most recent times. According to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, it was strongly supported by Native American associations from the 19th century to the 1990s. 150,000 tribal children were taken from their families They were also forced to enroll in government-funded schools in a campaign to forcibly integrate them into Canadian society. In those colleges, which are often run by religious groups, frequent infections such as the flu, the flu, measles, chicken pox, and tuberculosis led to the deaths of dozens of children each time. However, many survivors report widespread sexual and physical abuse.

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Members of Native Associations, which has long struggled to uncover years of crimes against American Indians in Canada, announced Thursday that 182 human remains had been found in unnamed graves on the grounds of a former boarding school near Cranbrook. This This is the third major such invention in CanadaThe remains of 215 children were found in anonymous graves at the former Kamloops Indian Residential School in British Columbia in May, and last week 751 anonymous graves were found at another school in Marivel, Saskatchewan.

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