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A tip of $4,000 but the waitress doesn’t share it with her colleagues: fired

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It happened in the restaurant Oven and faucet in Bentonville. Ryan received the figure ($4,400) from a group of real estate executives with the symbolic intent of supporting a class of workers hard hit by the pandemic. This gesture was filmed, with an animated reaction from the waitress, and shared on Instagram Written by Grant Wise, president of local real estate firm Whitley, to witness the sweet surprise. But then everyone collapsed.

In fact, her boss asked her to split the amount with the rest of the staff, but that wasn’t what was on the mind of Mr. Wise who complained to the restaurant and got the money back and then redirected Ryan out of the club. But for this she was shot at once.

Sharing tips – explained the owner – is a common practice in the restaurant industry that we follow to ensure that all members of our team receive appropriate compensation for their hard work. ” Meanwhile, Ryan has to pay off a debt: “I have to pay off a huge amount of money for student loans – she said – it’s ruined.”

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