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ARC: Week of Science, History, Literature and Art

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Rovigo – the club Arch It opens the doors to a new cultural week full of activities ranging from science, history, literature and art, to engage the local community in an educational and entertainment experience. The different initiatives will be held in Palazzo Cezza, Arci and Palazzo Gobatti, providing a complete overview of the topics of interest.

We leave thereMonday 22nd at 6 pm With the lesson Franco Dalla Pietra (pulmonologist) Which will be held in the Palazzo Cezza in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II A lesson on the respiratory system included in the exhibition “Scientific Reviews”. Tuesday 23rd at 4 pm The exhibition “Together for the Holocaust 2024” begins in the Cicirolo Room of the State Archives in Rovigo. Pier Luigi BagatinThe President of the Concordi Academy will hold a conference entitled: “79 years ago the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp”. 6.15 pmAlways on Tuesdays, at the Arci headquarters at Viale Trieste 29, Massimo ConteroWithin the exhibition “Music in the Romantic Era,” he will talk about Giuseppe Verdi.

Still at ARCI headquarters, Wednesday 24th at 6 pm, Anthony I praise He will hold a lesson on the sayings of George Lichtenberg. Antonella Bertolialways at Arci headquarters, Thursday 25th at 6 pmWithin the “Geneseo” exhibition, he will talk about the personality of Sibylla Alerano and her literary work. We will then move to Palazzo Gobatti via Casalini 2, where Guido Pietropoli, Friday 26th at 6pm A conference will be held on the theme “The Architecture of Rovigo between the Wars”.

The entire weekend will be dedicated to Memorial Day Saturday 27th at 5.30pm Head of Anbi Antonella Tofanello The performance “The Duty to Remember – Reflections on the Holocaust” by Moni Ovadia will be presented with the participation of various artists. The Cultural Week will conclude on Sunday, 28th of this month, at 5 pm With the President of the Bolzano Institute for the History of Resistance in the Contemporary Era (ISTPOLREC) Luigi Contigiacomo In which the film “Tales of the Book Thief” directed by Brian Percival will be shown. Followed by display on a high-definition screen.

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