October 3, 2023

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Football you need

Football you need

Paulo Dybala’s bid for the Euros was a mixture of emotions that bothered the striker: because it is a football commercial.



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Reading time: 3 minutes

Roma, Dybala surprise fans (Instagram screenshot)

Dybala He said it all in a nutshell: “I’ve never seen anything like it before”. It is not a narrow-minded issue, but it is precisely objectivity that speaks. When you see thousands of people crowded into a few square metres, rushing at you with flags, scarves and banners – on July 26 – just to see you for half an hour, you realize two things: it’s either madness or love. to me Rome It is certainly the second hypothesis, one of the hottest squares in Italy (not for a barometer) but because of this heart that does not stop beating even when it is at sea or in the cold. Instead, he prefers heat and heat on an ordinary day that becomes magical only thanks to the name.

Paulo Dybala did not expect this: He did not think that he would find an army of people – which is unfortunately only recently used to wage war – for the sole purpose of love.. So when 20,000 souls sang (only those under the Colosseum without seeing the neighboring streets) Rome, Rome, Rome Between smoke bombs and flags For Paolo, it felt like it was in a romance novel. Things from Promessi Sposi. From epic ending to poem: those things you put on the subject of maturity when you want to make an impression.

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Dybala, a “daydream” called Roma

Roma Dybala show
The Argentine striker glorifies the fans at the Euro (Screenshot Instagram)

The former Bianconero did not have an inkwell, not even a sheet of paper, but he wanted to impress an unforgettable evening with the only thing at hand: A smartphone, to make a video of this wonderful scene. The sensations that he experienced several times in life, he experienced, for his good fortune and in spite of himself, in one night. What happened on stage in Rome did not happen It was just a panacea for the striker who, as he wrote on social media, he will always remember but also a lesson for everyone.

Football fans who, often enough, feel themselves Overwhelmed by a movement they don’t recognize More than that: when they are convinced, perhaps, that everything is over and that only economics triumphs, here comes the exception. The one who might confirm the rule, but still be able to get you to say: “Yes I think. I want to dream a little more”.

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Just like Dybala who in an instant found himself a brother and friend to thousands of strangers: football, real, romantic, sometimes deceptive, is that thing here. Endless inspiration, carried by a grand choir the size of a city. Able to make anyone feel important, even if it isn’t important. Think – for once – that feelings always beat adversity. It probably required an Argentine to remember him, on the other hand, better late than never. Soon the camp will talk again (to everyone), but let’s not stop listening to the heart.

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