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The trailer has 1 million dislikes on YouTube

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During the night of the 2023 Academy Awards, it was the official movie trailer the little MermaidA live-action remake of the 1989 Disney classic Halle Bailey which will hit cinemas on May 26th (here to watch). In new images, we’ve got our first look at some of the main characters in the movie, including King Triton from… Javier Bardem and crab Sebastian adventure companion Ariel played before Halle Bailey

This looked very realistic and thus was very different from the kind and loving person seen in the cartoon. However, this remake was not loved by the audience who literally bombed my dislike video on YouTube. At the time of writing, there are about 8.5 million views in total with over 1 million dislikes, 84% of the total considering just 180k likes.

the little Mermaid directed by Rob Marshallbehind the fist car has already been adapted for other Disney projects, such as Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides And Mary Poppins Returns. The director recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly He explains how this draft of his will brings a modern look to the story.

The first thing It is his passion: this fire is very important, – he said, speaking of this new interpretation of Ariel. She is distraught and it is truly an epic story that she has to find her true self. But there must be a great deal of joy. It’s a strange mixture of innocence, wisdom, and a great deal of soul and heart. It is very modern in this sense. He is not afraid of the other, of the human world, especially in our film, – Marshall continues. There is a brown wall between the two worlds. This is the rule that is never broken

what do you think? Curious about this the little Mermaid?

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